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Distract caught up with the Brooklyn synthpop duo Great Good Fine Ok in NYC. In 2013 the duo released the song “You’re The One For Me”. Its overwhelming online popularity resulted in the song reaching #1 on Hype Machine twice in one month.


The band has been going from strength to strength accumulating a following worldwide through Spotify, SoundCloud, iTunes and every online portal imaginable. The duo even co-wrote “Let You Go” with Chainsmokers,which was released in 2015. We love the music these guys bring to the table and are on our ‘ones to watch’ list. Look out for dates on upcoming tours and new music.


Watch our Exclusive FEATURE  interview with Luke and Jon now to learn more about the music, their singles “Change” and “Touch”, fashion and life!





Host: Gita Cellei
Videographer: Carolina Gonzalez
Production: Distract TV

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