Half Alive fuse synths & drums, passionate lyrics combined with super chilled out production -we preview DEBUT ALBUM Now, Not Yet

AThe music of Half Alive breathes, evolves, grows, and changes alongside the lives of the Long Beach trio—Josh Taylor [vocals], Brett Kramer [drums], and J Tyler Johnson [bass]. Encompassing R&B, funk, pop, rock, soul, and more under a glow of disco ball bliss, the experience iterates in a fresh form every time. half•alive officially came to life on the 2017 EP, which sparked a palpable buzz on the strength of “The Fall” and “Awake At Night”.

The band have just dropped there DEBUT ALBUM Now, Not Yet ON! we preview the album track by track.

The Long Beach boys put on quite a show as they positively stir with thought provoking passion and genre bending melodies.

 OK OK? is dreamy in its incarnation with its ocean like synths and serves as kind of meditation. the group question the idea of being anything but yourself. The tempo switches deliciously with an impressive drum score during the last segment of the song. It’s triumphant in its message and gives you the sense that everything is OK. 

Runaway kicks off with a vibrant tempo with its soulful drum laced production. The backing vocals really are textured to help amplify Josh Taylor’ passionate message that finally there is no need to runaway from anything.

Maybe is such a chilled out production which offers a nostalgic late 90s feel. The piano throughout is used as vehicle that bridges the compact thought provoking defiant lyrics of Taylor.

Still Feel is arguably the standout track on the album with its high tempo disco melody. It’s rebellious lyrics about not giving up and refusing to giving in makes you raise your glass with respect for the sheer gravity of its creativity. The video brings it alive even more and really shows just how talented these guys are.

Trust is a laid back production which enables the Taylor to showcase his range of abilities as he slows down the tempo backed by luscious backing vocals from the rest of the band. The song cleverly delves into what it means to trust and all the good and bad that comes with it. 

Passionate lyrics combined with super chilled out production allows Arrow to find its target .The synths & drums really adds to atmospheric grace that this song produces. 

Pure Gold has a real heartbeat behind it as the the Taylor serenades us with spirited philosophical gems throughout. Supported by an upbeat fast paced production that gives this a club banger possibility.

Ice Cold is a beautifully balanced song that whilst lyrically its thought provoking in the way it makes you search for a brighter day. The production is sunshine personified with the upbeat drum selection from Kramer really standing out. Kimbra comes through to add a sweet vocal element leaving you feeling decidedly positive about the future. 

Rest has a nostalgic R’nb blend as this quiet storm, stirs deliciously as the vocals are cinematic and edgy and forces you to think twice about the break speed pace we are all living. Rapper Sam Henshaw turns up on the track with some well balanced rhymes that fit the tempo nicely. The effortless genre switch is impressive. 

Breakfast is delivered with a somber production drenched in melancholy. It’s their honesty on this track to put their open wounds out there for world to look at  which sets them apart. This floats like a butter fly but stings like a bee to quote the great Ali. Tissues may be needed for this one.

It’s the choppy opening production of Creature that reals you in early. The tempo switch is delicious as it goes from a minimalist texture to a raucous drum induced cacophony. Lyrically, it’s sumptuous as Taylor delves into the very fabric of the human being. It positively fizzes with the question who we really are. Deep stuff but it’s packaged delightfully. 

Distract rating: 8/10

Checkout the boys on there UK Tour Dates:

11/12 – London, UK – Electric Brixton

11/13 – Birmingham, UK – o2 Institue 3

11/14 – Manchester, UK – Gorilla

11/16 – Dublin, IE – Academy (Green Room)

11/17 – Glasgow, UK – King Tuts

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To Buy or Stream“Pure Gold”


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To Buy or Stream“Pure Gold”


Follow half•alive

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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