Jason Naylor’s Mission to Spread Hope and Love Through Color

Positivity and social awareness have always been important to award-winning artist and Creative Director, Jason Naylor. Especially during the current pandemic, he finds it imperative to use his signature style of vividly colorful art, to spread his motto, “Creatively Positive x Positively Creative”. Naylor says that each color psychologically has a different affect on our emotions and can truly revitalize our moods.

Credit: Video – Jodi Cornish | Editor – Sharon Ayiglo

Originally from Salt Lake City and now a Brooklyn native, Naylor received global recognition, including the Golden Novum Design Award, two CLIO Bronze medals, and named one of the 100 Most Inspiring New Yorkers, by Bumble. This has led to Naylor collaborating with popular brands like, COACH, Pepsi and Guess. His latest partnership with MAC Cosmetics debuted his version of a three dimensional heart on a limited edition lipstick case, to celebrate Mother’s Day. This motif of love can also be found on his latest apparel line, here.

As a global activist, Naylor was invited to participate in Fashinnovation’s virtual conference, which united over eighty fashion industry professionals, such as Kenneth Cole and Diane Von Furstenberg. During the two days, Naylor completed an inspirational mural on the side of Leslie’s Kitchen, a popular Brooklyn eatery. The artwork was then unveiled and broadcasted live, at the end of the international event.

Continuing his message of hope and love, Naylor’s latest project brightens up NYC’s dire situation with the rapidly spreading coronavirus. The design is a myriad of bold color palettes and appropriately named, To the Heroes of the World.

Atlantic Center – Brooklyn, NY | Credit: Jodi Cornish – Photography

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