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Justin Timberlake Returns with ‘Filthy’ & Black Mirror-esque Music Video

With the return of Eminem leaving the worlds streaming services frazzled and overworked, we have another return that a whole generation and more have been left waiting on the edges of their seats for. After five years, the professional at diversifying music genres is back! Justin Timberlake returns in his sophisticated style only this time honing in on his heritage and roots. Justin Timberlake Returns with Filthy and Robo Futuristic Video_distract tv 01In the past, pulling off Pop, Pop-Rock, Electronic, R’n’B, Justin leaves us restless fans anticipating more than what we expected of his previous album ‘The 20/20 Experience’, and we can’t wait to hear what genre he gracefully redefines next. In the Man Of The Woods trailer, actress, model, Jessica Biel (also Justin’s wife) describes the albums sound as ‘Wild West…but now.’Justin Timberlake_man of the woods_distract tv 01

His first single off the rebranded album is called ‘Filthy’ and is out today, with a music video which features a Black Mirror-esque futuristic look into music artist live performances in the form of look-a-like robots. The list of writers and producers who worked on this album with Justin is truly riveting, to say the least. In true Justin style, the lengthy list includes longtime pals, and forever hitmakers Pharrell Williams and Timbaland. Alicia Keys is also a part of the project, along with Chris Stapleton. Justin Timberlake Returns with Filthy and Robo Futuristic Video_distract tv 04Man Of The Woods is set to release next month on 2nd February, prior to his return to the Super Bowl half-time show on the 4th February.


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