RAP BEEF between Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly- how is this still happening?

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The fued taking over the internet and dividing the music industry may just be simmering down. Or this may be the calm before the storm. After back and forth dissing between Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly, Eminem stomped his foot right into the solid ground and made his mark with Killshot. The brutal assassination of MGK came after his response to Eminem with the track Rap Devil.

Eminem speaks on his looks, his love life, his lack of success compared to him, as well as name dropping quite a few celebs which sits uncomfortable in the music industry at the moment. Besides Eminem’s clear and precise shots at MGK in true Marshall fashion, the beat keeps me hooked on Killshot and each time I listen I catch a new diss that I hadn’t paid attention to before and the less chance I feel MGK has in coming back from it!

The truth it, there are too many relevant hits that Eminem takes making it impossible to fight in MGK’s corner. Anyone with a heart will feel for Machine Gun Kelly, but lets be honest, who in their right mind would pick a rap battle with Marshall Mather’s? I think his ‘man bun’ may be a little tight?

Editor: Sharna Bains

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