The Black Eyed Peas Reunite 2015 style-Without Fergie!

It may be the first of many but Will.I.AM of The Black Eyed Peas has confirmed the boys (and girl) are back in town. The first official reform of 2015.

The band first launched in 1995 but only shot to fame when they reformed with front lady Fergie after the release of their third album Elephunk in 2003.

But could it all be over before it even began? cracks have already started showing as the band unveiled a new song ‘Awesome’ without Fergie.

Taboo, and debuted ‘Awesome’ during David Guetta’s Coachella set on Sunday (April 12).

Guetta produced the track, but strangely you hear little or no vocals from Fergie at all. The track is due to be released to mark the group’s 20th anniversary in the coming weeks.


The group has sold an estimated 76 million records (35 million albums and 41 million singles), making them one of the world’s best-selling groups of all time.  The Black Eyed Peas were the second-best-selling artist/group of all time for downloaded tracks, with over 42 million sales.

There known for there alternative hip hop R&B, pop and EDM/dance sound, with the brain behind this Music machine being  rapper


There’s still a lot of love out there for these guys- Youtube subscribers picky kros and Izabel ‘Just cant get enough’

YT:  picky kros

released in 2011 now 2015 but still cant get enough. y cant you explode like an atomic bomb

YT: Izabel Morais

like if you`re watching this in 2015

According to reports the reform line up will be,, Taboo, and singer Fergie.  What can we expect time will tell- for the moment we will leave you with this flashback track ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’

The Black Eyed Peas- ‘Awesome’ –

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