We chat : kiesza- Her track – ‘Hideaway’

‘Hideaway’ was the track of the summer but whats your thoughts on this one?

I have a real love for the ‎1990’s as those were my teenage years. I was young and carefree, an era where the cassettes were being taken over by CDs. My music collection was a mix of cheesy pop, rnb and dance! From 112 to Kylie, prodigy to 2unlimited, not to mention the Backstreet Boys and take that!
This track would have been fun at a school disco in the year of 1995. The track is youthful and fun, but the video is awful. I feel the director was trying too hard to bring back a post modern 90’s feel, but did not succeed!

All in all I wouldn’t go out of my way to purchase the track, but would bop along to it if I heard it on the radio.

Kiesza is a pretty girl and in the world of pop that can lead the way to success. The right catchy hit could take her even further.

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