We go deep with electronic producer Astronomyy

We go deep in our 1 on 1 catchup session with Worcestershire-based electronic producer Astronomyy, who returns with his new EP, Rest in Paradise which is OUT NOW on his own label Lunar Surf.

His contribution to MNEK Zara Larsson’s international hit, Never Forget You – which he co-wrote and co-produced and which went on to sell millions of copies worldwide, not mention being streamed over 400million times to date, and truly opened up Astronomyy’s ability and passion to push his peers forward.

Astronomyy Describe your music in three words?

Minimal. Dreamy. Atmospheric.

How did this all begin for you?

My parents bought me a guitar when I was 12. I haven’t put it down since (not literally but I have played music ever since!)

You have already co written for Zara Larsson and MNEK’s how did this come about?

I was friends with MNEK beforehand, since 2013. I was going up to LA, and MNEK was in LA. I loved Zara’s music, very different to the type of music I usually make, but I was brought up on Pop music so I could really appreciate it. It happened in four hours, and it was the best four hours!

Your other videos are fresh but are not overly shiny or in your face- Why did you go for that look?

I wanted to see how Hollywood we could go without the massive Hollywood budget, see how big and impactful we could make it. Something in your face, like the beginning of the EP, and I guess like the relationships I am trying to convey.

Do you have any plans on touring the US/Europe?  

I will someday. But for now I’m focusing on releasing new music and working in the studio!


Explain your fridge to us in 4 words?

Fruit Juice (not from concentrate). Ice Tea. Not much food because I’m very disorganised. Never trust a skinny chef!

What’s the last track you listened to?  

Ready or Not -Fugees


If you had to get someone to play you in a movie who would it be?

Ryan Gosling – although I’m sure that most people would say that.


What’s your favourite biscuit?

Viennese Whirl.


Are you more of a Instagrammer twitter’er or a Snap chatter’er?

Instagram. It’s easier because it’s more visual.


Where can the guys at home find out more about you??


The EP ‘Rest In Paradise’ explores the journey of a relationship. From being Hypnotized and falling unconditionally, through tense uncertainty and self-doubt, to the final, title track, ‘Rest In Paradise‘ — which is open to interpretation as to whether that’s the end or just the start. 

Sonically, the EP opens with dense, layered guitars and heavy 808s in Hypnotized – contrasting dark brooding sounds with pretty, nonchalant vocals. Things I’d Do for U takes a much lighter feel, mixing surf guitars and elements of trap — a genre I like to call guitar’n’b. The moody, sparse and stripped-back Don’t Need U slows the pace down for the second part of the record. Everythin’ On My Mind picks up where Don’t Need U finishes and takes on a west-coast/chill/summer hybrid.

Listen to songs from the album Rest in ParadiseEP:

Rest in Paradise – EP by Astronomyy on Apple Music


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