We meet ‘Hidden Charms’ The ‘60’s band with paisley silk shirts and skinny cravats

Charming the socks off the jam-packed crowd – meet Hidden Charms. They haven’t blown up yet, but you can be sure the British are coming.

We were lucky enough to meet these Hendrix influenced rockers backstage at Cornbury.

Hidden Charms Photo by Carsten Windhorst / FRPAP.com
Hidden Charms
Photo by Carsten Windhorst / FRPAP.com

Hidden Charms’ sartorial nod to Mod styles of the ‘60s with paisley silk shirts and skinny cravats; boyish good looks; and blues-soaked brand of modern rock and roll are as much rooted in The Kinks, The Who and the Muscle Shoals sound of The Rolling Stones, as it is the Arctic Monkeys and The White Stripes.

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However, their true charms lay in the fact that the young lads have gone to the source – rhythm and blues. They grew up listening to Muddy Waters and Howlin Wolf who inspired so many of the greats such as Jimi Hendrix and the rock explosion of Brit R&B bands of the ’60s who then fed this giddy style of rock back to America.

These kids are alright – Vincent Davies (vocals, bass, guitar); Ranald Macdonald (vocals, keyboards, guitar, bass); Josh Lewis (guitar, bass) and Oscar Robertson (drums) wear their inspiration on their sleeves and it shines through their musicianship.


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