Winnie Mandela – The Legacy – Special Screening of ‘Winnie’

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As part of its Educate & Empower series, Blaksox teamed-up with Kush Films! Hosted by GEEDA they join forces to bring the multi-award winning and controversial documentary film, Winnie to UK audiences with a special women’s leadership focussed discussion.
We attended a special screening of Winnie at Regent Street Cinema, London also attended by Diane Abbott

Winnie experienced many trials and tribulations as a black female leader & freedom fighter, her husband Nelson was seen as a hero to many as she was made into a murderous villain; what was the truth and as a female leader what is her true legacy.

Winnie, a documentary film by Pascale Lamche was a powerful portrayal of Winifred Zanyiwe Madikizela-Mandela, a woman of dramatic presence and overwhelming charisma, who passed away aged 81 years on 2nd April 2018. The film, based on intimate interviews with Winnie, those close to her, as well as her enemies, drew attention to the covert and often overt war being waged against women generally and most ferociously against black women in positions of power.

The documentary was Insightful and focused on real life super heroines such as Auntie Winnie who was subjected to relentless often hidden propaganda war and whose legacy may otherwise be lost on the younger generation given the mainstream media which demonised her internationally, whilst raising Nelson Mandela, her husband as a saint.

The Winnie documentary was well crafted and definitely worth a watch.

Rating:  5/5

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