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When a solid brand tells you this year they are all about being BOLD, you know they have something great in the works and indeed they did!

Not only is Cat known for being hardwearing, long lasting, but a the brand is also associated with being stylish and now they are going Bold! Cat Footwear unveils their Spring/Summer collection for 2018 with “Go Bold”.

‘Earth movers are bold on their own and even bolder together’

We were treated to night of BOLD with yummy treats for our tummy from Sigmunds Pretzels, Big Mozz and Bona Bona Ice cream, our thirst was quenched Electric sky wine, Founders Brewery and Boxed water. The entertainment came in the form of DJ Jasper Stapleton and a game beer pong. The part of the night was tattoo artists from Smith Street Tattoo Parlor creating Art on Cat shoes, Very Bold!

Cat Footwear is all about being strong, making your statement and owning it.


Pictures provided by APM3 PR

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