Depeche Mode & Clean Bandit Rock VOLT Festival 2018

 One of the most outstanding festivals of Hungary is VOLT Festival in Sopron.

This year many notorious artists could        be found here including Steve Aoki, Depeche Mode and Clean Bandit.

The very first performance was Depeche Mode which served as a worthy opening to VOLT. This was an exceptional concert of the festival as Depeche Mode has never performed in Hungary before. What an energetic and memorable concert they gave! We were not disappointed at all! The organisers of VOLT take good care of the variety of music genres to appear in the festival.

Theo Hutchcraft, singer of Hurts

Here it is worth mentioning Steve who made all revelers to rave during his spectacular shows. He prepared a special meal for his greatest fans in the first row. It would not have been Steve, if he had not thrown a huge birthday cake among them. The dim and rainy weather did not hold back the revelers and the artists from partying. Theo Hutchcraft, singer of Hurts, enjoyed the rain so much he even performed a short rain dance. This concert was an absolute success.

Clean Bandit @VOLT Festival 2018

I am still shivering if I think of the performance of Clean Bandit. Grace Chato is my personal favorite woman singer. She has a clean (just as their name says haha) and powerful voice which gives their songs a nice summer tone. I would also like to mention some stars of the Hungarian music industry. Wellhello is a relatively new band but their music already appeals to most youngsters. Not only do they give gigs with fireworks, smoke and confetti, but their songs are also catchy. We can not leave Necc Party out of the list of the bests. They provide music of the 80-90′ and people can party with them until 5 am.

We hope that VOLT will bring its best shape next year as it has brought for 26 years now. If you ask me I would best like Bastille and Portugal. The Man to visit the festival in 2019, but Papa Roach would better fit into the atmosphere of VOLT as it is originally a rock festival. Not forgetting about the youth they would rather see artists like Post Malone or Martin Garrix who made a deep mark on everyone’s heart in 2017.

Being completely honest, I have to say WE ARE WAITING FOR VOLT FESTIVAL 2019!!!

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