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DJ Regard is Riding It to the Top

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International producer and DJ, Regard has reached new levels with his deep house music, and it all started from the global success of remixing Jay Sean’s 2008 song, ‘Ride It’. Not only did the track sky-rocket to become a viral sensation on TikTok, user’s continued using the hit remix, to create a #RideIT dance challenge. With over 4 Million people sharing their 20 second videos, this infectious track was propelled to #1 on iTunes and Shazam; surpassing Ariana Grande and Ed Sheeran.

We were able to grab Regard for a 1-on-1 chat, while on tour. So let’s get to know more about this super DJ!

Credit: DJ Regard – Instagram

1. To get things started, who is Regard?

Real name is Dardan Alija. I come from Kosovo and I’m 26 years old. 

 2. How would you describe your sound in 3 words…

Dance, Chill & Sexy

3. Tell us about your latest single, ‘Secrets’?

I love ‘Secrets’ for the reason that I finished the main idea in 2 days, because I really felt the sound.

4. You have been one of the few artists to beat Ariana Grande and Ed Sheeran, to number one… any words for them? 

Love them. I’m a fan of Ariana & Ed’s music.

5. Speaking of number one, your track ‘Ride It’ hit the top spot, in the UK Shazam and iTunes charts!! How does that feel?

Amazing feeling because every artist knows that’s very hard to achieve. I’m so thankful to each person that has streamed, and is still streaming, ‘Ride It’.

#RideIt Dance Challenge

6. Who is your biggest music influence, and why?

80’s music. It gives me more to elaborate, on my style. Clear instruments, and a good meaning on lyrics.

7. If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?

Tiësto, Calvin Harris, Billie Eilish, Halsey, and so many other. Cause I can work with them, based on their style.

8. Besides music, what are you passionate about? 

Playing soccer, and games.

9. What motto do you live by?

Working on my passion, living the life without stress, and to spread love as much as I can.

10. What’s 1 thing you can’t leave the house/hotel without?

My phone, glasses & my bank card haha

11. What would you do if you could go anywhere, be with anyone, do anything right now?

100% to get back in my country in Kosovo. I am stuck in Australia, while on tour here. Even though I’m having the best time, everyone would love to be at home during this time.

12. What’s next for Regard?

To release my first album during 2020/2021

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