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Ever wondered what it is like to be rowing from Namibia to Brazil on a second-hand boat?

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Ever wondered what it is like to be rowing from Namibia to Brazil on a second-hand boat? Or how long can free-divers hold their breath when they set the new world record? Distract TV has visited the Ocean Film Festival World Tour to find out!


Set against the mesmerizing interior of Union Chapel the 2019 Ocean Film Festival UK & Ireland Tour brought the world’s best ocean films from both above and below the surface. The programme featured The Big Wave Project introducing to the audience a tight-knit crew of leading big wave surfers, their life philosophy and humbling and respectful relationship to the powerful ocean. Similarly Touched by the Ocean brought a fascinating and very personal raucous story of adventure, dedication and friendship of two Latvian friends who decide to cross the South Atlantic Ocean in a second-hand rowing boat. Sounds crazy? It was!

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The festival also raises and discusses the pressing issues of environmental protection. Blue is a multi-award winning film that is brutally honest in the way it makes you face the current state of our planet’s oceans – the challenges of pollution and preservation of keystone species in their changing natural habitat.

Monk seal – North Western Hawaiian Islands – Copyright Matt Chauvin

We asked some of the visitors what is their reason to come – is it for the thrill of beautiful and adventurous ocean world captured on camera or the morally compelling message of environmental pollution? Franziska said it was both: “I have to say that I do enjoy the amazing camera and the overall visual aspect of the films, may it be diving with sharks or watching surfers ride an 80 feet tall wave in slow motion. But for me it is definitely the environmental agenda and the message this festival sends out about the importance of the oceans to all mankind. I really like the festival’s vision that sums it up rather nicely – we should all learn how to explore, respect, enjoy, and protect our oceans.”

BLUE – Seahorse

The festival is currently touring in Australia, Belgium, New Zealand, Hong Kong, China and the UK – get your tickets and get ready to be sucked in by the force of the great blue ocean!


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