Meet Fiona Silver!

Fiona Silver, a petite femme fatale with a voice that transports you to familiar era of the past. Her music has a hillbilly rock, soulful feel with the only contemporary comparisons that come to mine are Amy Winehouse and Duffy.

Her voice seductive, her look sultry, but some of her lyrics hold an essence of darkness and touch of tenderness. At a young age she has so much to tell us and music is her therapy. What makes Fiona’s music luring to me is not just how the stings of the guitar make my hair stand up, but the raw emotion projected in her voice. Absolutely marvelous!

We look forward to seeing Fiona bloom and highly recommend you see her live. Her tour dates can be found at

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Fiona Silver

IG: @fionasilver

Twitter: @MissFionaSilver

FB: @FionaSilver