Guy Sebastian Talks Ninth Studio Album – T.R.U.T.H

Guy Sebastian has sold almost four million albums to date and is the only Australian artist in ARIA chart history to boast six number one singles – the most by any Australian male artist in ARIA history, along with two number one albums. 

1. Hi Guy, how are you? Describe your sound to us in three words only? 
Soulful, Melodic, Heartfelt

2. So you were the original winner of Australian Idol (Series 1), how time flies! What were your best moments from the show? 
I think my favourite moments were when I was experimenting and being a bit more playful. I did a version of “When Doves Cry” by Prince which I think was probably a turning point for me, where I just sort of had the confidence to be myself and embrace my genre. There’s another moment – my favourite – but I think one that people definitely remind me of is the “Climb Every Mountain” cover, which is weird in choice on paper, but it ended up being quite emotional.

3. You’re the only Australian male artist, in Australian chart history to achieve six #1 singles, how does that feel?
Better than five! It’s amazing. I’ve never been in it for accolades or the awards, things like that. But, it’s always a nice reminder that there is some reward for all the hard work!. It’s a tough industry to navigate.

4. Everyone has their one favourite genre of music, what is yours and why? 
I’d have to say maybe Alt-Electronica, even though it doesn’t really reflect the music that I make. I love listening to creative electronic music where I can tell how much effort has gone into coming up a sound. I just love hearing electronic music that still sounds organic and emotional.

Guy Sebastian

I just love hearing electronic music that still sounds organic and emotional. I also love when those two worlds meet – great electronic beats pop with artists like Lorde, Julia Michaels, JP Sachs, Labyrinth, James Bay, Noah Cyrus, etc.

5. How would you describe your fan base? 
Very diverse. They have evolved with me. Some have joined later in my career. And so when I look at an audience, I see people that were there from the beginning, who have stuck it out and supported me. And then I see people who have just jumped on board recently, kids up to a wide variety and I love that music can speak to different people of all ages. That sounds like a David Berg quote!

6. Who would we find on your Spotify and who are you currently listening to? 
Samm Henshaw & Lennon Stella

7. Who do you take inspiration from when making music? 
I still come back to the things that got me to music in the first place, like soul music when I’m writing. I’m a little bit different as a writer, when I work with a lot of writers, they often listen to mainstream music, but I tend not to listen to songs that are not that current! So it’s great having the mix.  

8. Give three words to describe your style?
Random. Eclectic. Soulful

9. Tell us about the new single?
This one is a little bit of a fun, light-hearted escape. For me, it’s a sort of just a very classic melody. “Love On Display” to me is all about making a feel-good atmosphere. Like it’s a bit of an escape for me because there have been quite a few songs that have been quite emotional on this project and it can be quite emotionally taxing. But I really enjoy singing this one. This one is all about just setting up the day the right way. Just making people definitely feel good. So the song itself is about unashamedly displaying your love to someone. You know love comes in all shapes and sizes, it’s something that should be celebrated. If someone wants to show PDA, then go for it.

10. How are you coping with life during Lockdown? have you been using the time to get creative? I’ve been lucky in the sense that my house has a studio, so I’ve been able to record music whenever I’ve wanted. I’ve also been able to connect with fans via live performances on social media. It’s been challenging not being able to connect with people in the flesh, because that’s really what makes me tick when I’m performing. But we’ve all managed to find different ways to adapt and still connect. It’s been an interesting time and one that I think a lot of people struggle a lot about us!

11.  You have worked with Brian McKnight, Robin Thicke, Steve Cropper, John Mayer, Jordin Sparks, Eve, and Lupe Fiasco, is there still anyone else you would love to work with? Whether it be writing or singing, whether it be writing or making music, they’re all people that I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with. But there are so many people I’d love to connect with still. And whether I could collaborate with every artist that I’ve mentioned in this article so far, but also, you know, I love great singers and songwriters. I love singers that can connect with a song and make you feel something, with such incredible musicians like Adele and Sam Smith. I think Labyrinth is just unbelievable, as well as Sia. Yeah, they’re all very powerful and emotive singers. I’d be open to collaborating with all of them, I guess it’s just about connecting with the right song and a powerful emotive singer.

12.  Finally, just before we go, tell us about the new album “T.R.U.T.H.”. Are there any exclusives you can reveal?  Well, it’s a snapshot in time, I believe is probably the biggest snapshot in time of my life. When I look back on songs on this album that definitely reflects the highs and lows that I’ve experienced in the last three years. The album covers mental health issues but then there’s just this real joyous side to the album too, because I’ve also had some of the best moments of my life happened during those years.I’m at a career level that is definitely my favourite – a favourite time in my career. I feel more inspired to make music now more than ever. 


Thursday 4 November 2021 Newcastle | Newcastle Entertainment Centre
Friday 5 November 2021 Brisbane | Entertainment Centre
Saturday 6 November 2021 Gold Coast | Convention & Exhibition Centre
Wednesday 10 November 2021 Wollongong | WIN Entertainment Centre
Friday 12 November 2021 Sydney | Aware Super Theatre, ICC Sydney
Wednesday 17 November Bendigo | Bendigo Stadium
Friday 19 November Melbourne | Margaret Court Arena
Monday 22 November Hobart | Derwent Entertainment Centre
Wednesday 24 November Adelaide | Entertainment Centre
Friday 26 November Perth | RAC Arena
Tuesday 30 November Cairns | Cairns Convention Centre
Wednesday 1 December Townsville | Townsville Entertainment Centre 

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