Highlights vs Low Lights:: 2016

As New Years approaches we say goodbye to all things 2016 with our Highlights vs Low Lights

High Lights:

1.Meeting new grime Queen Lady Leshurr (@imladyleshurr) and her MUMAGER backstage post her epic gig at BSTK Festival.


2.DistractTV’s Janice (@jwicksy5) and Danni King (@DanniKing100) hitting the slopes at Snowbombing


3.Host Gita Cellei (@GitaCellei) getting her claws all over R&B singer Maxwell at New York Fashion Week


4.Sunita stepping in last minute to interview UK Singer Corinne Bailey Rae at Cornbury Festival

5. Host Stephen Stallone T (@StephenStalone)  getting up close and personal withBritish singer-songwriter Izzy Bizu (@IzzyBizu)  , while trying to get as many exclusives as physically possible!!


Low lights:

1.Number 1 low light has to be BREXIT ( THERE IS NOTHING ELSE TO BE SAID)

2.Across the pond we had atomic bomshell announcement – TRUMP becomes president


3.2016 also saw us loose some of the biggest heavy weights on the music scene including American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer Prince and David Bowie


4.Just before the year is out we loose another Music GREAT- GEORGE MICHAEL.. but you gotta have ‘FAITH’


5.The year wouldn’t be complete without KANYE WEST?? after cancelling a number of gigs following a bout of exhaustion and possible depression ( this is still to be confirmed..)


6.Actor Gene Wilder famed for ‘Charlie and the Chocolate factory’ and Singer Pete Burns
died this year… were going to miss them both spinning us around