International Fashion Showcase 2015 – Philippino Designers

 During London fashion week AW15, several industry events took place across central London. We went to Brewer Street Car Park in Soho to see what new and emerging trends and talents IFS brought to London, from all around the world, and got pretty impressed.

Organized by the British Council and the British Fashion Council, the IFS promotes and awards emerging talented designers from across the globe.

The International Fashion Showcase Designer Award was presented to Julia Männistö from Colombia.

      tumblr_inline_njtz2wu8YP1rigm2v tumblr_inline_njtz3m0B2T1rigm2v

Maxhosa by Laduma (South Africa), Ken Samudio (the Philippines), Miguel Mesa (Colombia), Alexandru Nimurad and Vika Tonu (Romania) and Rok Hwang (Korea) also received special mentions.

Organised by the Colombian Embassy, showcased the emerging talents of Lina Ibáñez Coronado, Miguel Mesa, Julia Männistö, New Cross; and of Liliana Sanguino as Curator. Proportion, silhouette, technical process and textiles have been carefully considered for maximum aesthetic impact.

I was particularly impressed with the creations of Miguel Mesa and Lina Ibáñez Coronado, for its creative textures, shapes, and  elegance.

 Miguel-Mesa91     IMG_3328 Lina Ibáñez Coronado


The International Fashion Showcase Curation Award was presented to Yegwa Ukpo of Nigeria.                                                    IMG_1367 IMG_1368

Tory Turk (Korea) and Roxana Gibescu (Romania) also received special mentions.

The Philippines was certainly one of my favorites, composed by extremely dramatic pieces, we could easily imagine being worn on a big stage by someone like Gaga. Curated by award winer theatre designer Gino Gonzales, the Philippines exhibition at the International Showcase 2015, was a study of shapes and forms in a dramatic and provoking representation of the mythologic creatures from Philippine folklore, evoking irrational fear, and at the same time an obsessive fascination among its society.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             IMG_3351


Other eye-candy pieces:

IMG_3331   IMG_3339

LEANDRO CANO, SPAIN                                                                         TRIYA, BRAZIL

IMG_3336   IMG_3376

FERNANDO COZENDEY, BRAZIL                                             NAKADHALIKA-NK, TANZANIA

IMG_3372 IMG_3367


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