LEKA at Nolcha Fashion Week 2014 Winter/Fall 2014/15

The first show of the day and I honestly did not know what to expect. Leka is an Architect turned fashion designer. This was simply clear during the show. Her pieces were  structured to embody the female form. Consistently allowing for the shoulders to be the more structured part of the body to maybe identify strength, leading into a small waist, as the core of the structure.

This particular collection was formed of mixed materials from leather to satin and panels of metal. Leka managed to mix materials to show case pieces that boasted bold and hard martials to project the strong structures and then softer, lighter materials (still structured) to boast a more feminine finish. The collection came together very well and had an almost futuristic sense to it.

When speaking to Leka briefly she said that she much preferred to work in fashion, as she is able to allow her imagination to take control. Her team is currently working with the stylists of many celebrities, so keep your eyes open for her designs on red carpets and music videos.

By Gita Cellei

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