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Having been ensconced in the studio working on new material, rising South London tropical pop singer/producer/DJ &around (Sam Simon) is pleased to announce details of a brand new track ‘City Livers’ due this August. We caught up with him for a quick 1 on 1.
So hello &around! if you had to describe your sound with three words only what would they be?

“Summer, tropical, chillout” 

You have travelled around Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam and the Philippines- how have these places influenced your sound? Travelling with very little gear got me sketching music down.
Imperfect recordings and sounds were all beautifully part of the sound. Seeing new things every day and a feeling of knowing what the world is like right now. Also 24/7 sun is the one 

Tell us about the new track ‘City Livers’
It’s a skippy upbeat lil mofo
Any loves, other then music & can you speak any Croatian?  
I used to work as a private chef and food is a big love of mine, my family and girlfriend, and no but I’m going to Croatia next year so I will learn some! 
Any celeb crushes?
Daenerys Targaryen
Daenerys Targaryen
first song ever sung?
Dreaming all night – &around is the first song I’ve ever sung
Whats your favourite emoji?
Who is your style inspiration?
My friends 
If you had to go to dinner with Marry either Jennifer Lopez, Missy Elliot or Justin Bieber ( Wild card) who would it be and why? marry J-Lo and dine with Biebs 
Any gigs/events planned for this / next year? More music first then shows to follow 
If you could work with any Singer/ Rapper/Producer or band who would it be and why? pharell because I feel like we’d get on and make a song the world needs to hear 
Finally!! where can we find you online
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