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Eye catching has always been a way to describe the Missy Elliot. In her new video “I’m Better” she picks up where she left off. Although the video features Grammy-Nominated Producer Lamb making his vocal debut with a more than catchy hook. Its Missy who lyrically fascinates with lines like: “Man I’m 3000, I’m Andre,” Yo Missy talk big, I’m so Grande / Bruce Lee on a beat, I don’t compete with none of these geeks / I just rant like I’m Kanye.”

10 years since a major album release hasn’t blunted her ability to boggle the viewer with mind blowing visuals. The intro is shrouded in darkness but soon lights up into a spectacular costume show. It’s futuristic in nature as wardrobe and off the wall hairdos testify. There’s even one scene when the parties at the bottom a fine-looking swimming pool. Innovative and creative is a staple of Missy’s brand and the way she does not conform to the norm is a joy to watch.


It’s all about the dancing as her heavy choreographed team of dancers dominate every scene there in with aggression, sassiness & humour. You can feel the originality in every frame as Dave Meyers and Missy Elliot raise the bar and up the game. The most impressive aspect of this video is that we are seeing a creative video and not just scantily clad females shaking it up.
I could not agree more with Missy’s new title “I’m Better”. It’s out now enjoy.

RATING (5/5):😝😝😝😝😝

Adrian Richard  @AgeTheMc


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