Mothers Day ‘US’Special – Meet 11 yr old Drag Kid @DesmondisAmazing and mum Wendy #LGBT

Today we want to take moment to honor a very special mum. Desmond is amazing is the drag kid who has been living is dream. He told his parents after watching ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ he wanted to be a drag kid. They didn’t hesitate in helping Desmond’s dream come true. Whilst there has been much admiration for Desmond his work as an LGBT activist and his voice in allowing kids to be who they want to be, there has also been much backlash.

We hear from both Desmond and his wonderful mum Wendy on how they combat haters and helpful advice for parents.


Production: ADDY.Media
Host: Gita Cellei
Editor: Alexander Killian

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