DistractTV go NYC!! Jewellery Draft Space Delicious Objects

We discover a delectable array of exquisite jewellery and accessories as seen through the prism of the culinary arts and presented as tantalizing objets d’art. Featuring over twenty designers of distinct visions, DRAFT space DELICIOUS OBJECTS serves up a feast of daring creations from emerging talents.

Avoiding the haphazard and numbing marketplace format of common trade shows, DRAFTspace DELICIOUS OBJECTS features only select and meticulously curated pieces from each brand to allow them to truly shine in a sumptuous art gallery installation setting. These and the rest of the collections at the show are available for purchase to the shopping public and at wholesale orders to retailers. Engage your senses and indulge in a new way of finding your next fashion obsessions!

Designers Featured

beq Pettina
Rachel Mulherin

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