Singer-Songwriter Tara Beier Gets Personal On New Album ‘Super Bloom’

Tara Beier’s new album, Super Bloom, transports us deep into the mind of the resilient, Canadian singer-songwriter. Tara has drawn comparisons to artists like Neko Case and Stevie Nicks, however, she succinctly holds her own within the alternative folk-scene.

In her own words, “Super Bloom is about overcoming & processing through obstacles[…]blossoming into your true self”. Her Summer of Love vibe and psychedelic 1970’s sound has us wanting to zen out and seek the positivity during this season of ‘COVID-19’ uncertainty.

For Tara, Inspiration comes from the personal moments in her life. Working through her past relationships, her journey in the music industry, and a traumatic miscarriage, Tara gives us her all in this album and a deep, yet vulnerable insight into how she has bloomed. We caught up with this down to earth singer, who we can only be described as open and sweetly candid. She discusses her new album and shows us some of her favourite, vintage fashion pieces.

Listen to Super Bloom by Tara Beier on Spotify Now:

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