UK hip hop – can it be success in the States?

Dizzy - 1

Dizzy Rascal was recently on VLAD TV, the conversation led towards why UK rappers do not & have not attained success across the pond in the US.

Vlad used the comparison of Drake born in Canada, he currently lives in the America. Obviously he’s a monster in the industry now. Without coming across as stereotypical, Canadians sound very similar to America depending on where they grew up. So I don’t think you could use him as comparison. I don’t want to say it was easy for him to be who he is today and I’m sure he faced clear opposition from many.

Rock bands such as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones have done well in the states and crossed over with a good degree of success but hip hop acts have had a much tougher time.


VLAD brought up a one Ms Dynamite who looked like she was on her way to doing major things before her success was mysteriously cut short. Her first album “A Little Deeper” was a certified classic.

How could it be that an artist with so much versatility could be marginalized so soon into her career? She could sing her ass off and rap fluently over different subject matters with the ease of a seasoned vet. She had songs that were deep and meaningful then she had those rabble rousing joints that got you going. It’s bordering on conspiracy that she was almost ostracized from the mainstream by the powers that be. Despite the exposure Ms Dynamite has gone to be a pioneer in the scene and still so good is her talent that she is well respected by many within the industry and among fans.

Dizz claims that Americans just do not get our culture. That maybe down to the fact that UK Rap is poorly represented in England. This was highlighted by this year’s brit awards that failed to have any people of colour in any of the nominated categories. It’s clear that the working class kid still gets shunted to the side. Comes in the back door and leaves through the side door it seems.  It could be in fact argued that the UK music industry do not really respect the craft of Rap/ Grime.


Are the stories told a little too close to the bone? Is it that the rest of the U.K. do not wish to hear the soundtrack to the street? It seems like a case of we are doing ok living the dream and your reality is not something I want to entertain.

Maybe, in order to bring society closer together we need listen to each other. Music has a wonderful way of doing just that.

There are a number of Mc’s that are supremely gifted I’ll give you the short list as we could do a top 50.

Skepta, Wretch32, Kano, Wiley, Dizzee, Akaka (Ms Dynamites bro). These are the vets of the scene. A few young bucks that are really popping now are: Stormzy, Youngs Teflon (below), youngen, Avelino. It’s clear from this impressive list that the rap / grime scene is on fire and still heating up.


By Drake making such a strong affiliation with Uk artists notably Skepta & Section boys, this has helped to shine the global spotlight on the UK scene.

Until we see UK hip artists championed by our own industry heads I fear that the scene will not be given its due.


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