Ray Lozano On dream collaboration Cleo Sol and debut ‘Pairing Mode’.

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Ray Lozano is a German-Filipino singer, songwriter and producer born and raised in Cologne. In her work she likes to dabble in playing piano and bass. We chat to the singer about her inspirations and debut album ‘Pairing Mode’.

1. Who is Ray Lozano in Three Words only? 

Singer Songwriter Producer

2. How has being German-Filipino influenced your music?

I’ve been thinking about the right answer for a long time.I think identity and culture always has an influence on art and music and I believe that many people who look like me have experienced similar crises.I’m very happy that I can tell my stories in my music.

3. What top 5 tracks would we find on your Spotify or iTunes playlist?

  1. Flea Market- Tierra Whack

2. Son Shine- SAULT

3.Spring Summer Feeling- Jill Scott

4. Cayendo- Frank Ocean

5. Bill Evans Skating In Central Park

4. We love ‘Pairing Mode’ ,  what’s your favourite track? 
My favourite track on the record is “Better Off”.I can remember exactly how it was written, I was in Berlin with Samon and had just told him that I had been stood up by a guy I actually liked.Somehow the song has something very reconciliatory for me. With myself, but also with the whole story and situation.

5.Who are your musical inspirations? 
It’s hard to say, I used to be a really big Jill Scott fan, even though nowadays it’s not the kind of music I like to listen to anymore in private.I get my inspiration more from conversations with my friends, moments I experience or observe.

6. What embarrassing songs might we find on your Spotify? 

Shania Twain- that don’t impress me much

Sugababes- Overload

Spice Girls- Holler

7. Samon Kawamura Is your biggest collaborator to date how did this collaboration come about?
Samon and I have met a bunch of times and we just got to know each other better and better over the last few years and we always have a lot of fun making music together.He encouraged me a lot to produce my own music and I could learn a lot from him and then we just produced and wrote a lot of songs together.

8.Who else in the music industry would you love to work with?
I would love to work with Cleo Sol, I think her voice is just heavenly.

9.What hidden talent(s) do you have?

 I always find the pleasure in producing things, be it my own music videos, painting canvases or cooking and I have a talent for making it homey for myself and others. special room scents, candles, relaxing music and cozy lighting atmosphere.

10. Describe your style to us? 
my music are small musical polaroids, accompanied by colorful wobbling sounds and detailed vocals.

11. Finally – Did you see Rihanna’s Super Bowl performance? What were your thoughts? Are you a fan?
Riri is simply the best! 

12. Just before we go – what’s planned for 2023?
2023 are already a few live gigs on which I am very excited and simultaneously to the album release, I have already been working on new stuff, on which I will continue to work. I’m really looking forward to spring! I can not wait to see the flowers blooming.