We chat Kendrick Lamar ‘I’ and experimentation?

From the get go Kencrick’s track ‘I’ heavily samples The Isley Brothers’s hit song from the early 1970’s ‘The lady’.‎

This post modern neo-soul track brings forth the roots of a great music era, allowing for it to be appreciated yet again by another generation.

Visually the video seems to depict a general concept of where in the states Kendrick Lamar comes from. The social surrounding that were part of his life and still are. The common structure and unity through sound and dance. Personally I was impressed to actually see ‎Ron Isley’s cameo.

The video some may say is full of enigma codes, however I feel it’s depiction of a life he knows best. He openly brings us into his environment giving us a glimpse through visuals and jig just words. You just need to checkout his Twitter and its easy to see how this project came together and how much support he has from the Rap scene.


I’m definitely a fan of this sound and the route he has taken with this track in particular. Kendrick seems to have grown as an artist and experimenting which is only going to allow him to grow even more. I hope “I” is just the beginning as Im loving this musical transition and super excited to see what he throws at us next!


Gita Cellei (@GitaCellei) | Twitter



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