What do Emily Burns, Ella Mai and Yella Breezy all have in common?

We promised you nothing but goodness and so here we are with the artists you need to be all over this year.  Ella Mai, Slowthai, Yella Beezy and Emily Burns make our list.. its time to be in the know!


Ella Mai 

London born American based singer. Has always been musically oriented with her earlier studies at the British and Irish Modern Music Institute (BIMM). She even competed in season 11 (2014) of the X factor as part of trio Arize but not making it past the audition stage.

A blessings in disguise it turned out to be as a relocated Mai released her first 6 track EP Time in February 2016. This was followed up by EP Change in November of the same year, this included lead single ‘She Don’t’ which featured TY Dollar Sign. With the ball firmly rolling the release of her third EP Ready came the modern day R&B masterpiece in the form of  Boo’d Up. The song was akin to a rebirth of that real soulful sound that cannot be mimicked or traced.


With the experience of supporting the likes of Bruno Mars & Kehlani on tour. Collaborations as diverse as John Legend & Meek Mills has given her that mass appeal whilst shining a spotlight on her unique talent . 2019 looks to an even more exciting one as she embarks on her first world tour this time as the headliner.



Creative with an insatiable energy reminiscent of Wiley or Dizzy in their Prime. The word unique is thrown about lots but when you watch him in action you will understand what I mean.

The Northampton native shows he’s not afraid to be scathing when making the statement that “nothing great about Great Britain.” During the intro of the intro the immersive and somewhat violent Drug Dealer video.

In the video North Nights Slowthai indicates he’s something of a film buff by using recreating scenes from dark psychological thrillers Clockwork Orange and The Shining. Also heightening the sense that we are living in some dark times with urgent and witty lyricism. Although Slowthai’s showmanship may take most of your attention. You will not miss the fact that this guy can really spit that fire with a healthy dose of social awareness which separates him from most of his peers. I predict a riot of appreciation for him in 2019.



Many things including homelessness have been overcome by Octavian as he found his way through a literal storm to fulfil his dreams of being a recording artist. It’s not even been 6 months since he released his 14 track mixtape Spaceman to critical acclaim.

Moving to London when he was three and moving back and forth to between France during his teens to live with his uncle due to issues with mother. This led to his homelessness in the UK when he was told by authorities that he was too French to be afforded Council accommodation.  This gave him a great understanding of the harsh realities life. Far from bitter he just got better and began to home in on his abilities. A stint in Brit School gave him a reference point to understand the originality of his talent. 2017’s Party Here was already a sleeper hit before drake took to the air singing along to it for it to become a global monster. Octavian, crafts mood music in the most in the natural way ebbing and flowing quite gorgeously along the way. With the whole world switched on 2019 promises to be another year when things just get better.


Emily Burns

Rare talent with a deep range of sounds from her sweeping velvet vocals to her impressive guitar abilities. Originally from Rugby but now based in London. A finalist after entering “Live and Unsigned” competition in 2010. After signing with Cave Productions in 2011 after meeting Rob Cass an inhouse producer at Abbey Road. Emily Garnered a strong festival presence whilst securing a tour of the Czech Republic has given her a good experience of the inner workings of the scene.

Signing to record label 37 Adventures in July 2017 has ignited her flames once again. Single Bitch was released in January 2018, this was then followed up by Girlfriend At The Time which was released in March 2018.


New music is in the offing for 2019 and those who’ve heard her in action know there could be something very special coming soon.


Yella Beezy

Songwriter, Singer & Rapper. Those are the gifts that have been harnessed by the Texas born native.  Active since 2005 on the music scene with 6 mixtapes which created a city wide buzz. Nationwide attention was found with That’s On Me which was released in 2017. Compared to the legendary Nate Dogg, for his smoothly textured baritone voice. Yella’s, talent has enabled him to open in Dallas for Jay Z & Beyonce’s On The Run II Tour in 2018. This kind of opportunity does not come around unless you’re supremely talented.

Adversity has unfortunately not been far from his door. In October 2018 he was shot at 12 times in a drive by shooting, with 3 bullets hitting him leading to hospitalisation. Rumours of this being a retaliation hit for the murder of comedian Royle Pate who died in the same month.

Controversy aside it looks to be a hell of a ride for Yella Breezy in 2019 as he gets into the next phase of his career. The Championship awaits no doubt.


Rufus Du Sol

James Hunt, Jon George & Tyrone Lindqvist make up the group named Rufus Du Sol. Active since 2010, have already a mass following in Australia. After listening to their music you will see why with an infusion of Indie dance, alternative dance & house. Three certified albums in the tank already whilst making their mark on the world stage with performances at Coachella and Bluefest at Byron Bay, the festival scene are well acquainted with the band. It feels like all their hard work is paying off with 2019 set to be the absolute icing on the cake.



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