Who is KOOLKID? The Emerging Solo Artist Who Penned #1 Hit Songs On the UK Official & US Billboard Charts

KOOLKID has established a relationship with pop royalty including BTS on their EP – Map of the Soul: Persona, which reached #1 on the UK Official Charts, US Billboard Charts along with hitting the top spot in another 80 countries. The Scotsman co-wrote the track ‘Mikrokosmos’ off the EP and has collaborated on future releases with the group. Armed with new solo material which is due out in the coming months, KOOLKID is ready to step into the spotlight this year. We meet him for a quick 1 on 1!

1. Who is KOOLKID in 3 words only?

Different. Outgoing. Real.

2. Why Music?

My life used to revolve around football. I wanted to be the next Messi or Ronaldo and I wanted to do nothing else other than play football. I think It was when I got to about 14 that I discovered the guitar. I started messing around, writing rubbish songs and performing them to my parents in the front room. Music slowly overtook football until I stopped playing and put all my energy into music. Now, it’s the only thing I do really!

3. What is your creative process like?

Weird. I really think I write my best songs after midnight. If I’m back at home and not in the studio, I’ll grab my guitar and depending on how I feel, I’ll find the right chords to suit. Then I start humming away until a melody I like sticks. Then, it’s onto the lyrics. Spilling my emotions onto paper and trying to sing super quiet so I don’t wake anyone up!

4. What’s it like being an artist from Glasgow & how has that influenced your sound?

Being an artist from Glasgow is a tricky one. It pains me to say this but not many opportunities arise from being in Glasgow and playing music. Especially in the pop world. I feel Glasgow is more suited to the indie / rock genre and most of my big breaks have came from travelling outside of the homeland. Scotland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and the fact I get to come back here to write music definitely inspires my creative ideas. Breathing the fresh air and walking in nature really does help reset your mind.

5. What is your new track, ‘2 SOON’ about?

A past relationship. One which I knew wasn’t working out the way I intended. It felt lonely & one sided but I didn’t want to say anything toosoon because I had this feeling of what if it gets better. Not wanting to say how you feel because you are scared of being more alone and wasting what could possibly turn out good. I guess you could say I had a build up of emotions and the best way to rid myself of them was putting them into a song.

6. Which artists are do you currently have on repeat?

Right now, Lauv is a big favourite of mine. I wish I wrote everyone of his tracks! I also love Boy InSpace at the moment. He is a new artist coming out of Sweden. He is really awesome so you should check him out if you haven’t already! Blackbear is another big favourite of mine. As a songwriter & artist he just kills it all round. The 1975, another major influence on me. Harry Styles, I’m loving his new sound and his fashion sense is on point! Billie Eilish, changed the game in 2019! I could literally be here all day listing off everyone I love and admire but there is too many!

7. Besides music what else are you passionate about?

I’m all about anything that keeps you mentally & physically strong. I read a lot of books on spirituality and how to keep your mind calm and healthy. I feel like in recent years, mental illnesshas came into the public eye a lot more, which is a great and powerful thing, but I still feel there is a lot more everyone can do to make themselves feel healthier in the mind & body in a natural way. That is one thing I feel very strongly about. I’m also obsessed with animals. I feel like if I wasn’t doing music I would work with animals. Everything about them is just so fascinating and beautiful. Favourite animal being a wolf, or a lion. Those two take the win for me. I also love food. Everyone loves food. Food makes me happy.

8. You established a relationship with pop royalty BTS on their EP – Map of the Soul: Persona, which reached #1 on the UK Official & US Billboard Charts. How did that feel?

Honestly, I can’t even put into words how I feel about this. It was the most surreal moment of my career. I have been such a huge fan of BTS and their music for a few years and when the opportunity came up to work with them I was extremely overwhelmed & thankful. They truly are the biggest group on the planet and their fanbase is the most loving and supportive ARMY of people I have ever seen. It is a pleasure to work with BTS and I hope we continue to work with each other in the future.

9. Speaking of collaborations would BTS be your ultimate collaboration?

That would be surreal. How amazing would that be? It would be a dream to collaborate on a track with BTS. I will always be available for a verse if they need me!

10 What’s the most interesting thing you’ve read or seen this week?

The most interesting thing I read this week is that whenever you have hiccups and want to get rid of them, simply rub your right palm with your other hand in a circular motion and they will disappear! I tried this and it actually works! Try it the next time you have hiccups!

11. What do you wish you’d get asked in interviews?

Hmm. I wish I’d get asked something really weird and wacky that puts me on the spot. I like really weird and outgoing questions that really get you thinking. Weird is wonderful I guess.

12. Favourite lyric/bar of all time?

This is the first one that came to mind but it’s a song by The Script called “Breakeven”. The lyric is so simple but it’s just so powerful. ‘When a heart breaks, no it don’t breakeven’ I think that is the most powerful one liner I’ve ever heard. I love that so much.

13 Motto you live by?

YOLO! Nah but seriously, I live by a simple motto and that is to be happy, strong & healthy. I’m happiest when I get to make music. I’m strongest when I am surrounded by loving and supportive people & I am healthiest when all of those are combined. Never give up on your dreams and always be the best version of yourself.

14 What’s next for KOOLKID?

I want to release great music & lots of it! This year my goal is to keep releasing music and building on my fanbase. I want to get back out on the road and get on stage. My next single ‘Feelings’ is out on 6th February and I cannot wait for you all to hear this. 2020 is going to be great, I can feel it!

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