Who is Mark Ronson? This is Bruno Mars so confused

Producer Mark Ronson is back with new track ‘Uptown Funk’ which features US Singer Bruno Mars

Ronson has been away for a while but is back with a banger and this time has teamed up with Bruno Mars. Not being one to stick to one formula,  this track goes back to basics with this old skool sounding vibe and again has divided opinion.

Youtuber Thomack #quoted:

‘Great song and video, however it felt more like ‘Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk ft. Mark Ronson’..

RhythmAddictedState #quoted:

Awesome! I love that Zapp & Roger and MJ combination! 😀


Selena Makamure Others disagreed#quoted saying:



Nola Chick #quoted:

Who is mark ronson? This is Bruno Mars so confused


However you feel about this record-let us know your thoughts? @ Distract TV

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