Yungblud: [Rewind] Meet A Rockstar in the Making

This guy is on our one to watch, he’s Yorkshire-born, London-based Singer, Songwriter and Rapper Dominic Harrison. Aka Yungblud.  He chats to Distract’s Alex Gray about his inspirations Joe Strummer, EminemLiam Gallagher and the stolen generation.


Yungblud uses breakneck flow and tongue-in-cheek attitude to deliver pointed lyrics about everything from gentrification to disenfranchisement to addiction without getting heavy-handed. “I want my music to always have a message, but I don’t want to preach to anybody,” says the Northern England native, whose given name is Dominic Harrison. “This music’s just an outburst of emotion and anger, and everything else going on in my head.”

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 To date Yungblud has worked with producer Matt Schwartz – known for his work on Massive Attack and Kylie Minogue , and brought to Geffen/Interscope by executive producer Martin Terefe who has worked with Jason Mraz and KT Tunstall.”

Jason Mraz performed all the music on the EP (Yungblud plays guitar, bass, piano, and drums), shaping a guitar-driven sound spiked with tightly crafted beats.

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The EP features “King Charles” and “Tin Pan Boy” (which Wonderland called “a bold and biting call to social justice”) and the current single “I Love You, Will You Marry Me,” which takes its title from a real-life, ill-fated marriage proposal spray-painted at a public housing project in South Yorkshire.

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Yungblud, who is currently on the road in Europe, will also hit the road for a U.S. spring tour with K. Flay in March

YUNGBLUD tour dates:


Yungblud’s newly released debut EP is out now – check it out

YUNGBLUD on Spotify


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