All you need to know about The Sam Willows

We catch up with one of the freshest bands around, The Sam Willows. These guys are from Singapore and have been described as a mix between Kygo and the Chainsmokers. Their video to track ‘Keep Me Jealous’ is already on 106,528 YT views and counting…

Q.So to KICK it all off who are The Sam Willows? In three words only
Benjamin: Sometimes on time
Jonathan: Very hungry people
Sandra: Four crazy people
Narelle: A little schizophrenic

Q Tell us more about your new single ‘Keep Me Jealous’.
Narelle: Keep Me Jealous takes on the idea of jealous as a positive thing. Working to keep your partner interested/not letting yourself go and be complacent. But there are a lot of dark connotations to it, especially when the line isn’t drawn clearly, it’s very easy to get lost in this world of games and we explored that more in the music video.

Q.Who did you guys grow up listening to and what are you listening to right now?

Benjamin: Grew up with lots of musical theatre and Metallica. Currently into anything that has retro synths.
Sandra: I grew up listening to a lot of pop punk/punk rock, now I listen to mostly pop, RnB and hip-hop
Narelle: I grew up with classical, rock, metal, blues and pop haha been listening to a lot more indie pop
Jonathan: I grew up listening to a lot of Blues and Rock music. I’m really into R&B and Hip Hop right now.
Q.We would describe you guys as the love child of KYGO and the Chainsmokers would you agree with this?
Benjamin: That’s cool. One thing about our upcoming album is there’s a bit more variety in the songs -genre and arrangement – so by that logic our parents might change a little.
Narelle: SURE, haha they’re both really talented artists who helmed and curated their own path. So thanks for the major compliment!
Jonathan: Hahahaha, that sounds pretty cool. I wish we’d the Love Child of Beyonce and Jay Z though. Or just the child.

Q. If you could work with any Singer/Producer or Rapper on a record who would it be and why?
Benjamin: Chance, Erykah Badu, Chris Martin.
Jonathan: I’d love to work with Pharrell Williams and G-Eazy. My life would be complete.
Sandra: Sia. Cause she’s talented af.
Narelle: Chance is amazing. I love childish Gambino too. He’s got so much feel and flow, and not too much of a #hiphopgan$ta haha best freestyle rapper in my opinion.
Childish Gambino
Q. Pick two Celebrities to be your parents- Who?
Benjamin: Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Reynolds.
Jonathan: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Oh wait..
Sandra: Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry
Narelle: Will smith and Jada Smith! I think they’re great parents who push their kids to aspire to more than just material success or wealth.
Q. Rate yourself(s) on a scale of 1-10?
Benjamin: 4.20
Sandra: Cake
Jonathan: 3.14
Narelle: 0-10
Q. Are you an instagrammer or Snap’chatter’er’?
Benjamin: MySpace baby.
Narelle: my Snapchat got hacked and I tried everything to get it back but they were super unhelpful. SO INSTAGRAM 5EVA
Jonathan: Instagramer for sure.
Q. If Hollywood made a movie about your life who would you like to see play the lead role as you?
Benjamin: Ryan Reynolds. Or Jonathan Chua.
Narelle: Peter Dinklage
Jonathan: Benjamin Kheng
Ryan Reynolds
Q.If You could trade places with another person for a week- famous or non famous/living or dead/real or fictional who would it be?
Benjamin: Lebron James. Just to see his work ethic. And because he’d have to swap, to see him play guitar.
Jonathan: Kanye West for sure.
Sandra: Stephen Amell. But can he not swop and just be there too?
Narelle: Barack Obama
Q. Whats the longest time you’ve gone without- A shower/brushing your teeth on the road?
Jonathan: Probably our flight to LA. It was about 30 hours without a shower.
Benjamin: In the Singapore military – went 10 days without either a shower or a brush.
Sandra: yeah what jon said
Narelle: I never brush my teeth..
Q.Any gigs/events planned for this / next year?
Jonathan: Yes! We’re playing a couple of festivals regionally, and also Summersonic in Japan in August!
Q. When are you coming to London to play live?
Narelle: O2 stadium tonight! We’re going to sneak in and play to the security guard as he chases us Jonathan: Whenever London calls. We’d love to play in London.
Q. Where can we find you (YouTube/Facebook/ Soundcloud etc.)?
Jonathan: Everything /thesamwillows