Anna Wolf on being compared to ‘The Cure’ and Authenticity

Anna has earned her place in the the music industry as a complex, compelling, globally-relevant artist with her new EP, Romance Was Born.

The five-track release eludes easy classification, with the South African-born, London-based artist moving with conviction through music that is dramatic and orchestral (“Dreaming Again”), hushed and textured (“Can I Get High on You?), visceral and kinetic (“Heaven Breathes Out”) and other-worldly and rhythmic (“Vegas”).  We grabbed the singer for a quick chat.

Q. So to KICK it all off Anna Wolf we love you! Your sound is very reminiscent of ‘The Cure’ would you agree with that?

It’s so pleasing to hear that you like my work. I love The Cure! I have never gotten this comparison before. Robert Smith, together with his band are phenomenal songwriters. Their raw, authentic approach to their craft is something I observe and can only aspire to continue to follow.

Q. Who did you grow up listening to and what are you listening to right now? 

I grew up listening to various genres. From the Spice Girls to Nirvana. Currently, I am listening to alot of Mac Miller, Arcade Fire and Johnny Cash.

Q. Describe your style to us?  
Raw, visceral and ever moving

Q. How have you been keeping creative during the pandemic ? The process of my creativity has never been hindered or based on circumstances such as the pandemic. My creativity is only hindered when my mind becomes me and I become my mind. I can easily write and can do so when I am in alignment with my higher self. When your creativity is hindered  by circumstance, the question that needs to be asked is, what is the intent behind the song, am I writing from an authentic space and is this perhaps deriving from wanting to accomplish or answer an expectation. 

Q. If you could work with any other Producer/ Rapper/ Singer on a record who would it be and why?

 Producer Rick Ruben and Will Butler from Arcade Fire. Rick has a true understanding of the stillness that is required in order to work from a space of truthfulness. He looks like such a great conversationalist. Will is a wonderful full rounded performer. His songs and productions often remind me of my own. He has a good sense of what I would like to describe as the “push and pull” of dynamics that makes for good songwriting and a good producer. 

Q. We have a few easy questions for you now- Pick two Celebrities to be your parents- Who? 

If I picked two celebrity parents, I would have been dead at age 27 already. I am quite happy with the ones I have been given.  

Q. Rate yourself(s) on a scale of 1-10? What is the rating for? In the context of a musician, I wouldn’t be able to rate myself as the scale is too limiting to define oneself.  Defining oneself, would be to box your personality. We are ever moving, ever changing human beings. 

Q. Whats your go too emoji?

 The poo one or the champagne bottle. 

Q. If Hollywood made a movie about your life who would you like to see play the lead role as you? 

Juliette Lewis or Sarah Paulson 

 Q. If You could trade places with another person for a week- famous or non famous/living or dead / real or fictional who would it be?

I have worked incredibly hard on myself to get my thinking to where it is now, which means, I would not want to trade places with anyone, let alone a famous one.  I am quite content with being in my own skin and for this, I am very grateful. If you did, however, ask me this question a few years back, I would have totally jumped to someone’s name. Thank God that I am not in this place anymore! 

Q. Where can we find you (YouTube/insta/ TikTok etc.) My Tik Tok is  @annawolfofficial   and for everywhere else it is @realannawolf