Demian Dorelli chats Spotify playlists Prince and dream collaboration Radiohead

Demian Dorelli, born and raised in London, is a pianist and composer who was always surrounded by music. His classical formation didn’t stop him from approaching jazz music and electronic music, but, on the contrary, it has enriched his production. We chat to Demian in our one on one session about all things music!

Who is Demian in Three Words only? 

Emotional Musical Storyteller 

What top 5 tracks would we find on your Spotify or iTunes playlist? 

  • Vikingur Ólafsson – J.S Bach: Goldberg Variations – Var. 1
  • Nick Drake – River man
  • Sufjan Stevens – Mystery of Love
  • Prince – Sometimes it Snows in April
  • Arvo Pärt, Gideon Kremer & Keith Jarrett – Fratres
Demian 2023 Photo credit: Ollie Persell

-Who are your musical inspirations? 

I think these are quite wide and across different genres, for me music is beyond genre. It’s something that resonates with you in someway, you find yourself connecting to it. It’s fascinating how different people have such different tastes too.

But here are a couple of important ones for me:

Keith Jarrett for his total freedom & intensity when sitting at a piano.

Ludovico Einaudi : for his beauty in simplicity, which surprisingly is not an easy thing to achieve.

Hania Rani – For her modern and personal approach. Her energy in live piano performances is really addictive.

Demian 2023 Photo credit: Ollie Persell

-What embarrassing songs might we find on your Spotify? 

Katy Perry – Firework

Dirty Loops –  Hit Me ….. very good players but I shouldn’t be listening to that, its not helpful for what I’m doing.

That’s all I’m telling you !

-Who would be your dream collaboration?

I think Ennio Morricone or Radiohead… both very different but have fantastic results creating music. If you’re with the right people it can be interesting how you discover new things about your own music that you hadn’t seen before.

-What hidden talent(s) do you have? 

I could teach you a Yoga class before fully installing your new bathroom… please don’t ask me though, that was from a past life before I realised what I should really be doing :-))

– Describe your style to us? 

Its a cross of different genres I think, which is why I’m often classed as Classical Crossover or Neo Classical.

I try to paint stories and poems, using the black & white of my Piano. Although my next projects will involve other musicians, I really enjoy the intimacy of solo piano.

Demian 2023 Photo credit: Ollie Persell

-Finally – what festivals /events have you got lined up for 2023/24

I’m preparing to go into the studio right now but have one more live date this year in London at the Servant Jazz Quarters on the 12th December 2023.

We are planning 2024 right now so watch my social media for news.