Distract FILM💯:: Room “every single moment feels real and lived in”-Our 1 to Watch

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Brie Larson stars as the mother Joy of a 5 year old boy who are trapped in a space called room, for a while you’re asking the question what’s going on. How did they get here? They have created a life within this space that is very vibrant and buoyant and vivid.


The little fella soon starts to ask questions as kids do and Joy does a great job of creating a plausible answers for the 5 year old. Beautifully acted and wonderfully written every single moment feels real and lived in. Jacob Tremblay was when this was made and turns in a startling performance for one so young.


Based on a book from Emma Donahue this is what you call a dream adaptation as it makes you want to buy the paper back. A Horrific nightmare scenario that two people are placed in. A mother who skilfully creates a world inside this room to shield her child from this living nightmare. Every second matters and that’s where the beauty lies with this movie.


It’s tense and terse and told ultra-smartly the language used by the two to describe their environment turns objects into friends such as: room, sky light, wardrobe. There are no missteps as the child in this movie is portrayed with absolute honesty. The narration by the child during this movie is another fascinating facet of this amazing picture. Its pulls at your heart strings and makes you think of the joy and pain in the life we live.

I won’t give anything more away but this is a must watch and I guarantee you’ll be passing on a good word.

Don’t fight the queues – get this on Amazon.


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