Fern Mallis, the Mother of New York Fashion Week

Meet Fern Mallis, the style maestro who practically sprinkled a bit of fashion magic to create New York Fashion Week (NYFW). She’s the fabulous force behind turning NYFW into the hottest ticket on the global fashion calendar.

Picture this: from 1991 to 2001, Fern strutted her stuff as the executive director of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA). During her reign, she had this brilliant idea to throw a massive fashion fiesta in New York, bringing designers, buyers, and media under the same stylish roof to showcase the best of American fashion. Voilà! NYFW became a runway sensation on the international scene.

But Fern isn’t just a fashion wizard; she’s the ultimate matchmaker of the style world. She’s all about playing Cupid, and fostering relationships between designers, retailers, and the media. With her knack for promoting American fashion, she’s like the fairy godmother of chic.

And guess what? This sassy style icon isn’t slowing down. Fern Mallis continues to sprinkle her magic dust, making sure the fashion industry in the United States stays fabulously fabulous. Cheers to Fern, the queen of the runway! DistractTV’s Gita Cellei snuck in a quick question!

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Host: Gita Cellei

Production: StyleCultureTV

Location: New York City