From Church Choirs to Nightclub Dominance | DJ High Def’s Remarkable Journey of Center Stage Stardom

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DJ High Def’s love for music was evident, initially finding expression through instruments like the piano and saxophone. Yet, a friend who purchased DJ equipment during his college days set the stage for a newfound passion. A pivotal moment unfolded during a friend’s graduation party when driven by a shared love for music, DJ High Def and his friend offered their DJ services for free. Little did they anticipate that this altruistic act would become the cornerstone of an illustrious career.

Transitioning from school pub gigs to clubs and bars, DJ High Def’s journey led him to renowned venues such as Harrah’s Pool, Jenks Club, and Headliner. Far beyond the conventional role of a DJ, he became an entertainer dedicated to spreading joy and creating connections and long-lasting friendships which also led him to be featured on a Netflix reality TV show, and his mixes aired weekly on Power 98.5 satellite radio and Indie 101.5 FM.

“Growing up I always loved music and how it made me feel listening to it. I grew up in the church and started playing the Tambourine during song service. I would do anything to feel like I was a part of the choir. Through the years I learned the piano and saxophone. At that time, I was an active kid, so I veered away from learning instruments. When I got to college, my friend bought DJ equipment. That summer I did not leave his couch. I was hooked instantly. I knew right then that I was going to make a living DJing. My friend and I were asked to DJ at a friend’s graduation party. We did it for free just to set up the equipment and play in front of people. During the party we had multiple people come up and ask what we charged to do parties. The next school year I started DJing at the school pub. After school, the club and bar scene started to come into the picture,” he expressed.

During an unexpected evening at one of the largest clubs in the United States acted as a turning point in DJ High Def’s career trajectory. Going beyond the confines of traditional DJing, he smoothly transitioned to secure a residency at Harrah’s Pool, showcasing not only his technical abilities but also his ability to connect with diverse crowds.  Beyond the glamour of Harrah’s Pool, DJ High Def embarked on an auditory journey, gracing stages in a myriad of clubs and atmospheres. This varied exposure allowed him to fine-tune his playlists to align with the distinct preferences of each audience on a national level, and now, worldwide.

“With DJing and MCing my personality and unique style help keep me balanced. This allows me to merge the two techniques with ease, which allows me to reach my audience on all platforms. Being in the DJ industry you must have thick skin and learn to accept the word no. It is challenging when first starting and taking any job even if the pay was low. This made me work harder on my skills, networking, and getting my name out there. I kept working and showing my abilities and the growth I had made. When working with other DJs I like to keep an open-minded approach and see which direction they want to go with the music and feed off that. Over time and if I happen to work with the same DJs, it becomes easier to collaborate and create amazing mixes,” he elaborated.

DJ High Def’s commitment to staying attuned to the latest music trends is evident through his constant immersion in music. He revealed that he listens to music incessantly and conducts hours of thorough research to keep up with the most popular and trending songs. This dedication ensures that his mixes remain fresh, relevant, and resonate with the preferences of his diverse audience.  Furthermore, DJ High Def emphasized the importance of connecting with the audience during live performances. By actively taking requests and observing how the audience reacts, he tailors his mixes to suit the crowd’s vibe, creating an outstanding and engaging experience for everyone present.  For aspiring DJs, DJ High Def offered valuable advice.

“Take as much time as you need even if you have to go over it 100 times, tweaking and correcting the style or songs to ensure the mix is up to your standards before you send it out. I encourage DJs to start making their own music. After that, go out and meet people and network within the industry. Promote your ass off, and do what it takes,” he concluded.

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