Linney on Tove Lo comparisons and dream collaboration Deadmau5

We meet LA based singer-songwriter electro pop sensation Lenney. Collectively her music has had over 40 million + streams across tracks. Previous playlists include: New Music Friday (US, UK, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Deutschland, AU, NZ, Singapore, Hong Kong), support includes SIRIUS XM (recent rotation 500+ spins), Billboard Dance Radio Play Chart 2020 (“Electric Kids” with Tritonal), EARMILK, Dancing Astronaut, UFO Network, Data Transmission.

Lenny reveals the truth behind ‘One More Day’ a very personal ode to her dad, plans for 2023 and more in our 1 on 1 exclusive chat.

1. Who is Linney in Three Words only? 
Emotional, sparkling, honest.

2. What top 5 tracks would we find on your Spotify or iTunes playlist? 
Sorry couldn’t narrow it down to 5. Here’s 6 songs I’m loving right now in no particular order: 
Salta – Sultan + ShepardLiberate – Eric PrydzWhere Did You Go – KaskadeLife on Hold – Nora En PurePizza Guy – Touch SensitiveFreeze – Kygo

3. We are obsessed with your track ‘One More Day’ tell us a bit about that track?
Wow – thank you so much! Stories are important to me. And music can feel like a superpower because it allows me to transform the negative into something beautiful. Something tangible. Something outside of myself. That hopefully will let somebody else who hears it know they’re not alone in what they’re feeling. 

Wrote this one about my dad. He had a heart attack and lost half of his left ventricle when I was 7. He survived it but has since had a pacemaker put in and a few complications. Apparently the normal heart pumping efficiency rate is 50-75% and he’s been at 30% since he lost that part of his heart. He called me the day before we wrote the song and told me his cardiologist said he’s dropped to 20% and he’s too old for a transplant. He was excited when he told me there was another option – open heart surgery to install a pump in his heart – something that they use for people who are waiting for a transplant. This freaked me out – but he was excited about it because it was an alternative to death. And his optimism inspired me. So we wrote it from his perspective about wanting so badly to live life to its’ fullest, that there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for one more day here. 

4. You have been compared to the likes of Dua Lipa and Tove Lo, how do you feel about this comparison?
Honestly…I’m honored. Who said that?! Very flattered. Haha. Both are incredible performers and storytellers so I don’t take that comparison lightly!
  1. Who are your musical inspirations? 

I grew up listening to all the great songwriters — James Taylor, Carol King, Carly Simon etc. I love anything with heart. Something that makes you feel something. I love musicians who push the boundaries and genre-blend. And I listen to a little bit of everything. Favorites of mine lately & all time include: Taylor Swift, Kaskade, Sultan + Shepard, RUFUS DU SOL, Alison Wonderland, Lane 8, Ben Bohmer, Jerro, ILLENIUM, Audien. And total curve ball, but I love Blink 182, Machine Gun Kelly (pop/punk/emo vibes) and CAAMP, Phoebe Bridgers and Angus & Julia Stone (acoustic indie). 

6. What embarrassing songs might we find on your Spotify? 
Oh gosh. This is a hard one – but a GREAT question. There are definitely songs I don’t care to revisit. But even if it’s no longer my personal style or preference, every song I put out was part of my musical journey that led me to where I am today. And I feel like what I’m releasing today feels very much me. Some of the songs you might say I’m *embarrassed* by just feel like I was maybe trying too hard to be someone I’m not. Also sonically, anything before 2017 – I sound different. I had a deviated septum and was getting sinus infections (8 in one year – my ENT told me I was allergic to LA lol) so I had a sinus surgery to open up my nasal cavities and fix the issues that were causing the frequent infections. The first song I released AFTER that surgery was “Outta My Heart.” 

  1. Who would be your dream collaboration?

If I was collaborating with someone within the EDM genre, I’d have to say Kaskade or Deadmau5. I got to open for Deadmau5 at Red Rocks with Morgin Madison last November and catch Kaskade’s set the night before. Their whole team / operation is top notch. 
If I was collaborating with another songwriter/artist, I’d have to say Taylor Swift. I’ve grown up listening to her music and have followed her throughout every genre she’d ventured through. She’s a boss who makes her own rules and a spectacular storyteller. 

  1. What hidden talent(s) do you have? 

I can juggle a soccer ball 64 times. I also know a lot about alligators. Like more than the average person. Did you know if you play them a Bb they’ll bellow? And you can usually tell how big they are by how many inches their eyes are to their snout…6 inches is usually a 6ft alligator. They can also run 35 miles on white muscle (faster than a golf cart). And if you’re ever being chased by one, run in zigzags!

9. Describe your style to us? 
Emotive heartfelt stories that make you want to dance and (maybe) cry at the same time…but in a good way. 

10. Finally – what have you got planned for 2023?
An EP (!!) very soon. Stay tuned! And more live performances. Hopefully travel dates ◡̈ Let me know where you want to see me next! ♥