Meet Composer Berenice Scott: Touring with Pink + More!

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Introducing the insightful Q&A session with Berenice Scott, a multi-talented artist known for her powerful, soulful music and acclaimed work in the world of TV and film. In this exclusive interview, Berenice opens up about her influences, memorable experiences touring with Pink, and her passion for composing.

1. Who is Berenice Scott in Three Words only?
Strong, soft, soulful

2. What top 5 tracks would we find on your Spotify or iTunes playlist?
– Pat Metheny ‘The First Circle’ Lyle Mays
– Robert Glasper ‘Better Than I Imagined’ (Feat. H.E.R. & Meshell Ndegeocello)
– Bruce – Hornsby ‘The Show Goes On’
– Norah Jones ‘Why Am I Treated So Bad’ (with ?uestlove, Christian McBride)
– Eva Cassidy ‘Stormy Monday’

3. What Film/TV show to date would you have loved to compose for and why?
We’re currently composing the score for the new BBC season of ‘Vigil’ so I haven’t been watching much tv outside the studio, but the last box set I absolutely loved was Better Call Saul, everything about that show including the score was just perfect.

4. You have toured with the likes of Pink (stylised P!nk) how was that experience?
It was just one of the craziest & best few months ever, the ‘Funhouse’ tour definitely lived up to its name! Supporting her every night was awesome, me and the Raygun (Sony band Raygun) boys were best buddies and P!nk’s crew and band were the loveliest, most professional team. Sounds cheesy but it’s true!

5. What we really want to know is, did Pink have any words of wisdom for you?
I never really asked for words of wisdom but she did sign off with me at the end with “thanks for rockin’ this tour Berenice”, which was a nice memory! All you really have to do is be around someone like that and witness their incredible work ethic on and off stage, the things she was doing vocally and acrobatically night after night were truly awe-inspiring.

6. Your music can be heard on hit shows such as ‘Vigil’, ‘Liar’ and ITV’s ‘The Suspect’ how did this come about?
Glenn Gregory (Heaven 17) and I write together for TV/Film as well as albums under our band name Afterhere. Our first show composing together was ‘Liar’ and from the minute we started working together it all fell into place, we both love scoring.

7. Who are your music inspirations?
I grew up listening to Prince and a lot of classical music, Debussy in particular. So yeah I would say that was all hugely inspiring, but mostly just living life and working through relationships with all the highs and lows, heartbreaks and magical moments… these are the inspirations I always turn to.

8. Is there anyone out there you would still love to work with?
I’ve always been a big fan of John Mayer, a girl can dream!

9. Tell us a bit about A Joni Kind of Mood
A Joni Kind of Mood is an album I’ve been working on featuring a collection of Joni Mitchell re-interpretations as well songs inspired by what I always feel is that mood I get when I just have to listen to Joni! I wanted to call it that because there have been these times in my life when I’ve felt completely lost spiritually and when I go to put on particular albums of hers I just get this instant peace from her poetry and life journeys she writes into her incredible songs. It’s been a complete challenge and joy exploring her work, a lot of blood, sweat and tears too – I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t been a little therapeutic!

10. Did you see the Barbie movie or Oppenheimer? What are your thoughts..did you have a favourite?
Wow yeah, both are epic films which left very different feels leaving the cinema! Currently, I’m on the hunt for outfits to match Ken’s… but yeah Oppenheimer is a film I can’t wait to revisit and watch again in more detail. I did a road trip in the US when I was 14 years old and we visited Los Alamos and the history from that place left such a huge mark on me, I’ll never forget it.

11. What hidden talent(s) do you have?
Erm is tightrope walking a hidden talent?! My mum was in the circus and we had a 6ft tightrope set up in our garden. Oh and opening beer bottles with my teeth is handy sometimes.

12. Describe your style to us?
Hhmm… laid-back, peppered with directness and intensity I guess! I think that could be across the board in my life, from music to the personal…

13. Finally – what have you got lined up for 2024?
Well, I’m very excited about starting 2024 with a show at PizzaExpress Jazz Club in Holborn on 12th January. I can’t wait to share what I’ve been working on and I’m looking forward to building the show and taking it further afield.

Berenice Scott releases A Joni Kind of Mood on 3rd November. More info

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