Meet the Two Brothers Causing Earthquakes and Breaking Barriers

If you’ve heard of Chemical Surf, then get ready to find out more. If not, here’s your opportunity to learn about one of the most successful electronic artists in South America, but let’s not define them by just this singular region.

Formed by DJ/production duo, Lucas and Hugo Sanchez, these Brazilian brothers have been creating unique musical perspectives to share with the world and making their mark in the electronic scene. Capturing more than 80+ million streams on Spotify alone, it’s no wonder they attract new fans with every successful EP release. This includes AfroJack, Steve Aoki, Tiesto, Culture Vulture and ultimately to the ears of Martin Garrix, and his label STMPD RCRDS. Their new partnership with Garrix, births the release of their new EP, Terremoto and it’s no exception as to why their global reach is expanding, so rapidly.

Before we get in-depth on our one-on-one chat with Chemical Surf, let’s start off with a lightening round, to spice things up:

Who’s the better dancer? We think Lucas jumps a bit more (lol)

Cook or Order? Order. Sushi. Lots of sushi.

Window or Aisle? Window. Nice clouds and better to sleep.

Action or Comedy? Action!

Overdressed or Underdressed? Well, it depends. Let’s say: comfortably dressed.

Credit: Chemical Surf – Instagram

1. Describe Chemical Surf in 3 words?

Brothers, Explosion, Genreless.

2. Being brothers that work together, what’s one thing you admire about each other?

We really learn with each other everyday. I think something we both admire about each other is our ability to work as a team in a very collaborative way. Both contributing and leaving “creative space” for the other as well. That’s really important for our workflow and we can understand how the other one thinks. It’s a mind-blood connection.

3. Tell us about your newly released EP, Terremoto. How did you come up with the title?

When we started playing the track “Terremoto” in the shows, we could really feel the dancefloor shaking! (Terremoto means “Earthquake” in portuguese) Haha. That’s why we decided to name the whole EP after this track.

4. Who was your biggest influence starting out and who would be the ultimate collab?

It’s hard to define one biggest influence, but some artists that really inspired us are: FatBoy Slim, Paul Oakenfold and Cosma. Regarding the ultimate collab, doing something with 2Pac (rest in peace) would be mind blowing.

5. Speaking of, how was your experience collaborating with Steve Aoki & AfroJack?

Both were amazing. Nick (Afrojack) invited us to play with him at his party in Val Thorens (France) and we had a blast! We played in the middle of the snow mountains for a super warm crowd and went to the studio with Nick to work on some tracks. It has also been very nice to work with Steve Aoki, even from a distance. We were going to perform with him at Story (Miami), but unfortunately it got cancelled due to the virus situation. 

6. With the new EP release, which city are you looking forward to performing in?

Right now it’s a bit hard to define a city, due to this whole situation. When everything goes back to “normal”, we really want to bring the EP tracks to our US Tour (which included Ultra Music Festival Miami this year).

Credit: Chemical Surf – Instagram

7. Name 1 item you can’t leave the house/hotel without?

Our good old friend Wellington, also known as Monkey. Whenever we go to the road he’s our tour manager and we have a very long friendship, so it makes everything so much fun and easier.

8. What motto do you live by?

“R.I.P Genres”. We don’t limit ourselves to genres when it comes to music production, since we believe music is about feeling.

9. Tell us a secret that your fans might now know…

Lucas is the older brother (the age difference is 4 years!)

10. What’s next for Chemical Surf?

Working on lots of new tracks and performing at cities all over the world where we still haven’t been too. We can’t wait to be back! Stay positive everyone 🙂

Credit: Chemical Surf – Instagram

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