photographer_Juan Carlos Ariano

Photographer Spotlight: Juan Carlos Ariano

1. What is your backstory?

Originally from Colombia, based in Miami, FL, since 1999. I was enrolled in an art program in Miami Dade college, but made a switch in 2001 to Advertisement and Design in the Miami Ad School, where I discovered a passion and skills for photography, mastering lighting, and composition. Towards the end of my art direction program my school opened up a fashion photography program, I was extremely interested and doubled up on my classes till I finished. After finishing school, I got into the business as a photo assistant, where I had the pleasure of working for great photographers such as Marino Parisotto, Pierre Winther, Michael Grecco, and Kike San Martin. I took the time to develop my business and my style in photography step by step, now I make my living as a fashion and commercial photographer in the industry.

2. When did you discover, you had an eye for photography?

As a child, art and photography books caught my attention. I used to spend hours looking through them. I remember playing a game, I would focus on a subject/object, close my eyes quickly and keep them closed, so anything I was looking at would be the last frame burned effect in my mind recording, that last frame I saw! To me, that was a picture! During my youth, I started experimenting with cameras and making compositions of anything that crossed my path. 

3. How did you get into fashion photography?

Fashion was playing such an important roll in our society and I wanted to be part of it,  to be able to tell the story.

4. Which Fashion Weeks are your favourite?

The best fashion weeks for me have been NY Fashion Week and Paris. The energy in this metropolis… what happens in the city in that moment of fashion week, you can feel it in the air and you get to see it everywhere in the most unique way. Every season has its distinctive vibe and story. It is definitely a marathon!

5. How has COVID-19 affected you?

Thank God I’m still working, of course, it’s affected me dramatically as it has many others. This has been a hard hit to take globally, but we keep pushing and finding better ways to keep doing business and survive.

6. What inspires your photography today?

Life in general, the ability to immortalise a moment, and the everyday challenge of growth in my craft.

7. Where can we find you online?


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