Trevor Neslon debuts at 51st State festival with party vibes in the We Love Soul tent

Picture central London, in the middle of summer. Not great, right? Wrong! This summer has been amazing! And 51st State festival held in Trent Park London with its relaxed vibe and music did not disappoint.

Fashionistas @ 51st State Festival © Distract 2018

51st State showcased a rhythmic mix of soul, RnB, reggae and blues that brought together the young and old across the generations.

Ravers @ 51st State Festival © Distract 2018 Photography: Sunita Malhi

From legends such a Luis Vegas performing live as the headliner, Trevor Neslon debuting with a party vibe in the We Love Soul tent and stage host Micro, the atmosphere remained charged, if mellow.

Distract Blogger Lollie King with US DJ/ producer Luis Vega @ 51st State Festival © Distract 2018

As with most festivals, fashion is a statement to be made when give the opportunity. We therefore found the sun, music and fashion hipsters brought their best to 51st State.

Fashion Fix: Fashionista @ 51st State Festival © Distract 2018

As we strive for better body positive media presence, take a look at our snippets from the festival…regardless of your colour, age or size; fashion- if 51st State taught us anything it’s that festivals are for everyone.

Just incase you couldn’t get enough we flashback to our moment with Garage Legend Shola Ama at 51st State! – see you next time!

Blogger: Sunita Malhi Distract (@distracttv)


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