Tundran: meet the Emerging Indie-pop duo

We meet Swedish duo Jakob and Felix; better known as  Tundran for a intense one on one Distract session.

-Were going to jump straight in and ask about  The EP ‘Morning Moon’ is epic – tell us about the creation process.

Hello and thanks! Most of the songs came about when we moved to a new studio here in Stockholm. We found ourselves having access to a lot more fun synths and stuff that played a huge role to the sound. The music usually grows out of short instrumentals and beats we make here and there. We came to a point after our first release where we wanted to take the music somewhere new without losing what we felt was the core of the Tundran project.


-Ok now thats out of the way – Who are Tundran? ( three words only)

Really, really nice-guys!

-Your music has been described as electro pop–  would you agree with this?

To some extent, maybe. Our sound and influences differ from song to song. On the new ep we’ve been influenced by everything from hip hop to classic rock. We always try to evolve our music and don’t shy away from experimentation.

-Were you into the same music growing up and did you know this is what you wanted to do?

We went to the same school as kids and lived next door to each other. What first connected us was our love for music in general. We spent our summers in Jakob’s pool house making music. It was not until after high-school we started to take our music seriously.

-Whats the ’Swedish’ music scene at currently? Is there anyone out there we should look out for? The new Beyonce? Or David Guetta?

There is a ton of good music coming from Sweden right now! We would recommend checking our friends Vita Bergen and Vinter.

Vita Bergen: Photo By_Ellika H

-Any loves, other then music?  any celebrity  crushes?  Style icons?

Felix really loves to cook. He’s actually pretty good! The art he creates in the kitchen rivals the best music out there. Sometimes he invites me over for some swedish meatballs, italian style and a bottle of red red wine.

-Favourite track to perform at a gig?

We really like playing Last Drive. We’re still preparing our live set for this new ep but Every Wave is sounding mighty fine in our sessions!

-Whats your ritual before going on stage/ how do you prepare?

It depends on the mood we’re in. Felix usually likes to listen to Nirvana on his iPod 😀 Jakob looks at pictures of different kinds of dangerous snakes on his computer. We also have a ritual we do but it’s a secret.


-Who do you think will be big in the music scene next year? And why?

Hard to tell. There’s some really amazing stuff coming out of the Paul Institute though. We’ve been listening a lot to the new Fabiana Palladino track Mystery.

-Whats the first song you remember ever singing ?

We both grew up with a healthy dose of music through our families. Mostly stuff like Queen, Supertramp, Beach Boys and Beatles. I vaguely recall singing Misery by the Beatles when I was like three but I obviously didn’t know what was going on.

-When we say the word ’TRUMP’ what is the first word that springs to mind?


Whats on your spotify playlist(s)?

We’re currently playing Frank Ocean, Neil Young, Bobby Caldwell and Sasac on repeat.

What are you up to next ? Where can we find you online? ( insta/ FB/Twitter?)

We’re currently looking forward to collaborating with other artists in the near future and will hopefully have something really special for next year. You can come say hi @tundranforever on facebook or follow us @tundranforever on instagram. Thanks and god bless!



Be sure to stream our new EP Morning Moon on Spotify =D

The new EP is out now – https://soundcloud.com/prmdmusic/sets/tundran-morning-moon


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