Will Manning chats new track ‘Don’t’ and inspirations N-Sync

1. Who is Will Manning in Three Words only?  

I asked my mates to answer this and they said – forgetful, loud and a pest so I’ll stick with my answer of hilarious, sarcastic and… to be fair I am a pest.

2. What top 5 tracks would we find on your Spotify or iTunes playlist?  

Currently I’m rinsing:

Peggy Gou – It Goes Like 

Venbee & Rudimental – Die Young

Dom Dolla – Eat Your Man 

J Hus – Who Told You

and I’ve recently gone back to old Pharrell/ Neptune productions so a lot of Justin Timberlakes first album is up there too!

3. We love your track ‘Don’t tell us a bit about that track? 

I first heard a rough demo of ‘Don’t’ in September 2022 in the studio of my incredible collaborators Goldfingers. It started out as a ballad. I loved it from the second I heard it, I knew I had to help get this song out and make it the banger it is now. After a lot of back and forth, various singers trying it out and production changes it’s finally ready for the world to take into their own lives. It’s tech house but with an R&B vocal and it’s inspired by some pop favourites of mine like N-Sync – Bye Bye Bye. It’s super unique.

4.  You’ve been endorsed by the likes of Calvin Harris, Lewis Capaldi, Ellie Goulding and Joel Corry how does that feel? 

Absolutely mad! These are people I’ve interviewed loads over the years on my radio shows and now they’re listening to my first song. It’s surreal. I’m so lucky to have amazing relationships with these artists but to have their endorsement of my own music means the world. Calvin in particular has been so helpful with the really technical details and it’s thanks to him the song sounds like it does now.

5.Who are your musical inspirations?  

I grew up listening to DJ’s on the radio like Annie Mac, I was always inspired by how she brought a party to the masses with her track selections, that’s something I’ve taken forward with me in my sets to this day. It has to feel like a party everyone is invited to. When it comes to the club David Guetta, Tiesto and Calvin Harris are the ones who have the hits to make a set inclusive and massive. There’s a technical side I look for as well having learnt my craft as a turntablist DJ, James Hype is the guy who keeps those skills alive with dance music today. He is insanely quick on the decks.

6. What embarrassing songs might we find on your Spotify?  

I always pre fix this question with “there’s no such thing as a guilty pleasure” therefore saving me from any judgement. Now I’ll answer. My pop roots are always close to whatever I’m making, catchy hooks are KEY for me and my music so yes I might sometimes listen to ABBA, Avril Lavigne, Blazin’ Squad (greatest hits, there’s loads) and you can’t beat Westlife. Don’t deny it.

7. Your sound is very electro / house, is there a genre of music that you would stay away from? 

Honestly no, I’m a song guy first above anything. If the song is right there’s probably a way we can get it into the dance world. My favourite songs start on the piano or guitar with no production. I’m really inspired by writers like Maisie Peters and Taylor Swift.

8.Who would be your dream collaboration? 

To team up with other DJ’s like Guetta or Tiesto would be unreal. Singer wise I’m excited about writing some timeless tunes with big timeless voices. My dream list includes Birdy, London Grammar, Khalid and new artist Sekou.

9.What hidden talent(s) do you have?  

I’ve been playing the drums since I was about 6 when my Dad bought me my first kit. That’s actually how I got into DJing first. I have a private pilots license so I can fly planes. I’m also really good at forgetting birthdays. 

10. Describe your style to us?  

fun, playful, energetic and full on party! 

11. Finally – what festivals would you love to play in 2024? 

There’s honestly so many shows on my dream list including Creamfields, Ibiza in some capacity, Tomorrowland, Lattitude… I could go on! I’m excited to get my music out there to the world and take it from there.