British Rapper Koder on social commentary ‘context’ and Jay Z

Hailing  from  Brockley,  South  London, Koder .  commenced  his  musical  journey  age  12  by  producing, taking  part  in  competitive  cyphers  and  creating  an  underground  profile  circulating,  pirate  radio  stations and various MC battles.

Koder |London Distract interview 2018

2010  saw  the  release  of  his  debut  mixtape Space  Shuttle  Business ,  featuring  collaboration  with  Dot Rotten.   

His  increasing  recognition  led  him  to  appear on  legendary  Grime  DVD, Lord  of  the  Mics   and receive  two Urban  Music  Awards   nominations  for  critically  acclaimed  mixtape, The  Calm in  2013.

The successful release of Naked EP , catapulted Koder ’s career further. His collaboration with live bands brought  a  new  depth  and  ambience  to  his  sound. koder
Koder | London Shoredich Distract 2018

The  importance  of  using  his  innate  creative  ability  and  poetic  dialogue  to  spark  mass  discussion,  sits  at the  very  core  of Koder ‘s  approach  to  his  song  writing. His  core  values  of  social,  economic  and  political stances continue to shape his unique sound, which is apparent in his commended 2016 single, Ignorant Katie  from  Vibrations EP.

Bringing  the  2018  countdown  in  at Northern  Bass  Festival ,  Koder  kicked  off  the  year  with  a  sold  out headline  show  on  his New  Zealand  tour .  Proving  he’s  in  this  for  the  long-haul,  Koder’s  international demand didn’t stop there, making an appearance at Germany’s Splash Festival , hitting Norway’s top 100   chart  with  Balance  alongside Octavian   and  a  feature  on Vince  Staples’  Beats  1 ,  Apple  Music playlist with ‘Why You In The Ends’.  Bringing it home, Koder wrapped up summer with Reading Festival, shutting  down  the BBC  Introducing  stage with  fellow  Brockley MC,  Yizzy       and  with  the  release  of Richer, this climatic year is sure to be one to remember.

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