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Flow Festival in Helsinki was all about the tempo

Flow Festival in Helsinki was all about tempo. From the Main stage to the cozy Nordea stage, the ticket holders were excited to be there and everyone seemed to be enjoying the vibes. The weather seemed to be a bit colder than anticipated, as a result we were showcased with edgy and traditional Finnish clothing styles. It was difficult to find people that didn’t look cool. The music was top and the crowd was ready.

Photography: Daniel Laventure © Distract 2019

Top 5 takes from the weekend would be:

The food was out of control! There were so many varieties and the representation of restaurants in the Helsinki area was big. The diversity of foods was overwhelming (in a good way) and the quality of everything was highlighted. Biggest moments for music was definitely Tame Impala, James Blake and Solange.

Photography: Daniel Laventure Solange © Distract 2019

They had a very powerful stage presence and the crowd couldn’t stop screaming every time James Blake would sing or talk. Solange ended up finishing her set acoustically because the main speakers needed to be shut off due to sound laws in downtown Helsinki. Which made for a more intimate finish and I think it showed a great amount of respect for her fans. Tame Impalas’ light/laser show was next level stuff and Everyone was dancing and feeling good.

Photography: Daniel Laventure © Distract 2019 Flow Festival

Overall the schedule was very accommodating, there were many performances and extras to do, so I feel that everyone got their moneys’ worth. The setup crew for the festival did an amazing job, everything in the festival grounds was beautiful and much detail was given. There were so many extra places to visit and booths to enjoy and spaces to relax and drink and talk with people with. It was a great weekend altogether.

Editor: Daniel Laventure / Distract 2019