Introducing fresh NY fashion designer Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope’ is a playful mash up of moto cross combined with surplus fabrics by New York based artist Claire Fleury. 

An intimate collection of looks each deserving of  having their own names.  When a garment takes up to a week to make Claire likes to give them another level of personality, hence, the names.
‘ Gal  Gador’ came to her because she imagined wonder woman wearing this dress on a date, ‘Post It’ got  its name because of the little square appliques and ‘Calypso’ because of the ruffled pink fabric found in Calypso Brazilian Carnival costumes, which for this jacket was hand pleated. 

Lovingly  pieced  together  by  hand,  these  soft  armor  play  suits  tell  a  unique  story,  Fleury  utilized  surplus fabric  from  her  own  studio  as  well  as  cherished materials  donated  from independent  designers  who recently left New York due to COVID19. 

The collection as a whole is quite literally a rainbow of colors carefully pieced alongside prints, mesh and anything else that caught Fleury’s eye creating a ready to wear kaleidoscope. 
Known  for  incorporating signature circles into her designs, Claire kept the fluid round lines within the silhouettes and chose to add squares into a look purposely called ‘Post It’. ‘The garments took quite long to make, and as with any creative process, I wasn’t always sure it would turn into something beautiful’ CF