Irish pop-rockers ‘Picture This’ chat securing over 400 million streams and Spotify playlists

Picture This are Distract’s 2023 ones to watch. The Stadium selling Irish pop-rockers have just released their latest single, “Leftover Love”.

Renowned for their compelling narratives and emotive melodies, the band address the overwhelming sensation of love and loss. Inspired by the poignant phrase, “Grief is just leftover love”, this track navigates the intricate labyrinth of loss. It encapsulates the distressing truth of having abundant love left in our hearts, even when the subject of that love is no longer present in our lives.

The band said: “The myriad of emotions that surge when we lose someone can be paralyzing. Whether that’s due to a loved one’s passing, the culmination of a romantic relationship, or other life-altering events – each represents a version of grief, a manifestation of this ‘leftover love’. We want to help listeners articulate and wade through these convoluted feelings, and to emphasize the awe-inspiring resilience innate to human nature,” they share.

With “Leftover Love”, Picture This delivers an evocative anthem for all those grappling with the weight of unexpressed emotions, emphasizing that while the journey may be challenging, love remains the enduring guidepost.