Rihanna releases new video ‘Needed Me’

Rihanna is someone who is always pushing boundaries. The video for track ‘ Needed Me’ from Rihanna’s eighth studio album Anti (2016) is potentially her most hard hitting yet. It sees Rihanna yielding a gun and on the look out for some ‘guys’ to hunt down.  She’s definitely on a mission, maybe shes not over all the Chris Brown drama after all.


Her huge #ARMY fan base are obviously loving this video and proclaiming its so much better than ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’

The music video was directed by filmmaker Harmony Korine who also directed Spring BreakersGummoJulien Donkey-Boy and Mister Lonely. It features shirtless woman, boobs nudity and it seems to have almost broken the internet, apparently its too graphic, but lets be honest its not like these people didn’t know boobs existed also guys have been going shirtless in videos for decades so why not the girls? It is 2016 afterall.



zomboobiez51 minutes ago  Welp, that’s the society we’ve (they) made for ourselves. Brainwashed from the higher ups… TV and shit is NOT for entertainment. It’s to manipulate the way you think in to how they want you to think…

Halid Kılıç21 minutes ago Better than “bitch better have my money”

Mike Blitz22 hours ago This video is f**king dope

Raziye Sadri 1 hour ago another p*rn , whats next? showing d*cks ? 😂😂😂🔫

Mr. OcH3 hours ago She gets trashier by the minute


Either way its already racked up..32,317,300  YT hits! And the electro- R&B track is a stomper! Check it out and if you disagree tweet us  Distract TV @DistractTV


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