The future of House: a candid conversation with Striz

New York City-based DJ and producer Striz is elevating in the music industry, not just for the beats he drops but for the genuine passion that drives his success. Born and raised in the cultural melting pot of the city, Striz attributes his diverse musical style and unique sound to the myriad influences he absorbed growing up. The driving force behind Striz’s journey is his passion for music. From starting with piano lessons at the age of three to evolving into a DJ and producer, his connection with music has been a constant thread in his life. “I make and perform music purely because of my love for music and sharing it with other people,” says Striz. 

His creative process is inspired by authenticity, steering clear of trends that don’t resonate with his musical soul. Striz shares, “The songs that I produce start out as melodies that get stuck in my head that I record in voice notes. Everything that I make and play are things that I enjoy and want to share.” One of his recent successes, the track “Shake It,” was born out of a need for an original high-energy tech house track for his live shows. The journey of creating the track involved trial and error, feedback from fellow artists, and extensive testing at live shows. “I’m thrilled with the success of the track, signing it to Liftoff Recordings, and getting 20k+ streams so far,” Striz states proudly. 

The unique music scene of New York City has significantly shaped Striz’s style and approach as a musician and performer. Exposed to a wide array of cultures and sounds, from his Dad’s radio to street performers, he developed an appreciation for diverse styles, giving him a keen ear for music.

Despite the challenges of breaking into the competitive NYC music scene, Striz persevered. His manager, Eric Gowat, played a crucial role in securing opportunities, emphasizing the importance of persistence in the industry. “I attribute a large part of getting my foot through the door at venues to my manager Eric Gowat, who was super persistent and helped me book my first couple shows,” acknowledges Striz. Known for his independence, Striz brings a strong work ethic to his music career. 

Drawing from the lessons learned in the hustle and bustle of New York City, he understands the importance of being in charge of his own success. Striz not only finds solace in the city’s vibrant energy but also uses his familiarity with its diverse neighborhoods to curate sets that resonate with different audiences. He emphasizes, “I only play music that I like and want to listen to in my sets. If I played music I didn’t enjoy, I wouldn’t have fun, and people can tell when you’re faking it.” As Striz continues to make a mark in the music industry, his commitment to authenticity and love for music sets him apart, promising a musical journey that is as unique as the city that raised him.